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Handmade In Hatton Garden

Handmade In Hatton Garden

If there’s one thing we’re guilty of bragging about, it’s that all our custom-made jewellery is handcrafted in Hatton Garden.

There’s a reason for that. Hatton Garden in London has been the centre of the UK’s jewellery trade since medieval times (when you’d have to prove your worth in a jousting battle before you could even contemplate offering your lady a diamond ring).

Since then, the tradition of creating beautiful, quality jewellery has been handed down from crafts-person to crafts-person over hundreds of years. Some of the tools may have changed, but the attention to detail and level of skill have not. Each piece of jewellery is individually created, shaped, adjusted, polished and finished, by a highly trained artist who cares deeply about producing some of the finest jewellery in the world. They’re proud of what they do, and we are too.