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Once-in-a-lifetime Quality from Quality Jewellers

Once-in-a-lifetime Quality from Quality Jewellers

Finding the right diamond engagement rings for the right person is something you only do once in a lifetime.

It stands to reason therefore that many of the shoppers who come through our doors in London's Hatton Garden are first-time buyers, uncertain about the trends and terminology of the diamond market. This means that our staff are highly experienced in communicating with the customer, welcoming them in a low-pressure environment, answering any questions and offering their considerable diamond expertise. After all, shopping for a diamond can be complicated and daunting, and it can be hard to know that you're getting a good deal.

Navigating the vagaries of carat and colour, choosing between princess cut and round brilliant cut diamonds, classic and contemporary styles… it can be a trying experience, particularly for would-be grooms not accustomed to jewellery shopping. The stress of learning specialist vocabulary and spending considerable sums can be exacerbated by spurious internet advice, high-pressure sales tactics from chain jewellers, and the emotive nature of the purchase. That's why we call ourselves quality jewellers; we understand that the experience of shopping for something valuable should be enjoyable. You should feel like your chosen retailer is both knowledgeable and interested in your needs, giving you first-class service regardless of the sum you choose to spend.

Because when investing in diamond jewellery, the first-time or one-time shopper doesn't only want quality products. He also needs an interested and independent retailer to offer quality service.