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White Gold Vs. Platinum

White Gold Vs. Platinum

White gold is very similar to the yellow gold that we are most accustomed to seeing on the market place. The yellow gold we buy tends to be an alloy of pure gold and, more often than not, a 50/50 split of copper and silver.

 This gives it its trademark yellow appearance. White gold is exactly the same in this respect that it is also an alloy, made up, however, of different metals to give it its silvery white appearance. The most popular alloys used for the jewellery business are gold, palladium and silver mix, and a gold, nickel, copper and zinc mix. Basically this makes it exactly the same as yellow gold except that it can never attain a 24K standard as gold in its purest form is by nature yellow. Therefore the prices of the white gold match those of its more popular yellow cousin which makes it a popular alternative to the more expensive platinum.

Platinum has such a high market value because of its rarity within the earth's crust and thus platinum is hard to come by thereby increasing market value. Another reason for platinum's high price is its use within the industrial sector for things such as catalytic converters and as a catalyst in chemical reactions. However because of its use in the industrial sector; during an economic downturn prices of platinum bullion can dip below that of gold which has a steady market value and is seen as safer. However during periods of sustained economic growth prices of platinum bullion can double that of gold. Its use as a precious metal has spanned many centuries, due to its rarity Louis XV of France, declared in the 18th Century that it is the only metal fit for a King. Statements like this have helped to ensure platinum as a symbol of wealth and prestige. As has its longstanding association with diamonds. Its chemical composition for the jewellery trade tends to be 90-95% pure.

The conclusion to draw from the question of whether or not white gold is the same as platinum is that it is not. Platinum commands a higher price within the jewellery sector because of its rarity and also because of its association with wealth and status. It is this that separates white gold from platinum. This is not to say that white gold is not prestigious merely that it is not as prestigious as platinum. White gold offers consumers a cheaper alternative to platinum as they do look very similar however still maintaining a high level of prestige. Engagement rings are often made from both metals and you can find your perfect diamond engagement ring whether platinum or white gold from Quality Diamonds.