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All you need to know to design your own ring

All you need to know to design your own ring

Whether it's an option you've never considered, or you're already an offbeat bride with her heart set on the bespoke option, there's a lot to consider when you decide to make the leap and design your own ring.

First you need to choose a qualified jeweller who offers a bespoke service, and get to know the jeweller or designer to ensure that you get on well and that they're going to listen to you. An independent jeweller with experience designing bespoke diamond engagement rings is the safest bet; after all, their advice and expertise is crucial when it comes to getting the design on paper as close as possible to the design in your head!

Here at Quality Diamonds we're used to helping couples make all the decisions when it comes to designing a bespoke engagement ring. We know that you need to consider colour, style and durability if you're choosing between different metals, help you decide between different shapes, or cuts, of diamond, and give you no-nonsense expert advice regarding style and the possibilities of design. From glamorous and unusual  palladium diamond rings to the perfect traditional yellow gold solitaire ring with that all-important personal touch, we're the experts when it comes to getting you from dreaming about your ring to holding it in your hand. So be bold today: go bespoke and take the first step towards getting the engagement ring that's perfect for you, at a price you'll both like.