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Removing Room for Error when Proposing

Removing Room for Error when Proposing

It is now quite common for women to accompany men when buying an engagement ring. Indeed, this can be a very sensible approach as both parties can shop for engagement rings together and decide on something that will definitely be appreciated.

However, although this may be sensible; many men still prefer to go it alone so that they can propose to their special lady with an element of surprise. Naturally, this leaves more room for error as the bride-to-be cannot have any direct input into the choice of engagement ring.

Thankfully, there are ways around this.

Meet the parents

One way that a man can find out more about their lady's ring preferences is to mention it to her parents, as they will have a good idea of what kind of ring she would like. Not only can this approach provide vital ring information, it can also stand a future son-in-law in good stead as he will come across as being a polite, traditional young man who wants to ask for permission before popping the question.

Diamond rings?

If talking to the future in-laws is not overly appealing then talking to female friends is a good alternative option. Naturally, they will know all about her ring preferences as they have probably talked about diamond engagement rings, wedding ceremonies and wedding rings in detail; especially if the relationship has been serious for a while.

And, once the ring is taken care of; all that's left to do is actually propose!