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Are Your Diamonds Real?

Are Your Diamonds Real?

Nothing beats the stunning beauty and timeless elegance of genuine diamonds. While some artificial diamonds may look indistinguishable from the real thing, over time they could become cloudy and chipped, ruining the appearance of your prized piece of jewellery. Once you know how, checking if a diamond is real is relatively simple, and could prevent you from becoming duped by convincing fake.

Checking the authenticity of loose certified diamonds is simple. Start by slipping a piece of newspaper underneath the diamond, and attempt to read the text through it. If the diamond is real, you shouldn't be able to read the text. You can then try blowing onto the diamond for a few seconds. Real diamonds should not appear foggy after you do this. You can also weigh your diamond. A fake diamond will weigh, on average, about 55% more than a real diamond of the same size. You should always perform all three of these tests on your diamonds as they are not individually fool proof.

If your diamond is mounted in a piece of jewellery, it becomes slightly more difficult to check its authenticity. You can check the diamond for reflections by inspecting it from the top. Real diamonds should reflect shades of grey, rather than colours. Because this test is not completely reliable, you should always have your mounted diamonds checked by an expert.

Quality jewellers should always provide you with a certificate of authenticity when you purchase diamonds from them, so you can feel confident that what you are buying is real.