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Considering Clarity when Shopping for Diamonds

Considering Clarity when Shopping for Diamonds

When buying a diamond ring, people generally take a lot of time to consider the style and colour, but devote much less time to one other very important aspect - the clarity of the diamond.

What is clarity?

In essence, a diamond's clarity determines how well the stone captures light. Diamonds which capture more light achieve a higher clarity grade which in turn makes them more valuable. Basically, stones with greater clarity (i.e. fewer cracks) will cost more to buy.

What makes clarity?

When a diamond is forming deep in the Earth, its internal features start to develop inclusions. This process results in enclosed minerals becoming incorporated into the stone which can produce non-crystallised carbon or fractures. These inclusions (such as scratches or blemishes) enable scientists to identify exactly how the stone was formed, and thereby determine its standing on the clarity grade scale. A diamond that has many characteristics will typically be ranked as a low clarity stone.

Buying quality

Of course, quality is always important when looking to purchase luxury jewellery items such as diamond rings. Therefore it is vital that careful consideration is given to the clarity grade of a stone as this will help to ensure a purchase can be made with quality in mind.

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