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Getting diamonds with that extra sparkle

Getting diamonds with that extra sparkle

If you're on the lookout for diamonds, either as a treat for yourself or to hand over as a gift, you no doubt want to choose something truly special.

After all, these gorgeous gems are designed to last for a lifetime and often beyond, being passed down between the generations. Also, you're spending your hard-earned money on them, so it's important that you get something you are delighted with.

One of the things to look out for when you are on hunting for a truly remarkable precious stone like this is its cut.

Diamond rings and other diamond jewellery are renowned for their gleaming beauty and it is their ability to refract light in spectacular fashion that gives them their edge over other items. The brilliance displayed by the gems depends on the way in which they've been shaped.

Skilled craftsmen transform rough diamonds into breathtaking objects. They aim to ensure the precious stones have the perfect depth and that their facets are cut in such a way as to optimise the amount of light they refract. By doing this, they ensure that a rainbow of colours is created when light shines on the diamonds.

If you're looking for the most sparkly and awe inspiring diamond earrings and other such items around, we recommend that you opt for those which are classified as 'excellent' cut.

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