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What does your diamond shape say about you?

What does your diamond shape say about you?

Your choice of clothes, shoes and jewellery is greatly determined by your personality. What you wear is an expression of who you are and how you’d like the world to see you.

Choosing a diamond shape is no different – in fact, it can be a much harder choice to make because often you’re choosing something that you – or your significant other - will wear every day. If you already own or wear a diamond – or you’re planning on buying one – read on to discover the hidden personality of each shape.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Top and side view of a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

 You're optimistic and open and you always look for the positive in people and situations. You appreciate simple beauty and dislike anything that's showy or overblown. Mess, loose ends, and confusion make you feel stressed. You have a friendly personality with a smile to match and you make everyone you meet feel good. You always try your best and may sometimes put too much pressure on yourself to make things perfect, but that's only because you care.

Princess Cut Diamond

Top and side view of a Princess Cut Diamond

People are attracted to you as butterflies are attracted to flowers because you're lively, sparkling and bright. You're a gossip, but you're not malicious - you just find other people fascinating. You pay attention to detail and always notice the little things others miss. You're popular but you don't let it go to your head and your closest friends mean everything to you. Your life is a whirlwind of social engagements and conversation but you wouldn't have it any other way.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Top and side view of an Emerald Cut Diamond

You have a strong sense of style and individuality, and you're very clear on what - and who - you like and don't like. Thanks to your natural good taste, you stand out from the crowd without being pretentious, and with your eye for unusual and striking pieces you may often find yourself setting new trends. People like you because you're straightforward and honest - you don't like to mess about. You like things to be clear, organised and always stylish.

Asscher Cut Diamond

Top and side view of an Asscher Cut Diamond


Oozing effortless confidence, you're secretly admired by everyone you meet. You're sophisticated, yet relaxed, and always impeccably dressed. You have an uncanny knack of knowing just the right thing to say, do and wear and you're a firm believer that nothing worth having is easily bought. You love to entertain and with your vast network of friends and acquaintances you're never short of guests. Like you, your dinner parties are unforgettably chic, effortlessly charming, and the talk of the town.

Marquise Cut Diamond

Top and side view of a Marquise Diamond

Exotic, mysterious, passionate, sensual – you may say little but you express a lot. To those patient enough to get to know you, you’re an intoxicating blend of adventurous spirit and subtle wisdom. Others may mistake your enigmatic personality for cold detachment – it’s their loss. You love to travel to exotic destinations where you can soak up the atmosphere and take in the tastes, sounds, scents and colours of your surroundings.

Pear Cut Diamond

Top and side view of a Pear Cut Diamond


Some may describe you as quiet; others as shy. The truth is you just don’t feel the need to shout. People who choose the pear shape are often quietly confident. You’re feminine and graceful, yes, and you appreciate delicate things but you’re not fragile – in fact, at times you can be bitingly direct. You adapt well to new situations but you often start off observing from the sidelines until you feel comfortable enough to join in.

Oval Cut Diamond

Top and side view of an Oval Cut Diamond


You possess a natural elegance that affects everything you do. You are generous and charitable, preferring to focus your energies on doing things for the greater good than for your own personal pleasure, although this can sometimes cause you to spread yourself too thin. You’re always putting yourself forward for volunteer roles and like to keep busy but when you do have time to unwind you choose luxurious treats and quality products.

Heart Cut Diamond

Top and side view of a Heart Cut Diamond


You're romantic, yes, but not sappy. You cry during movies and love happy endings, but you hate insincerity. Even though you feel deeply, you don't get carried away with emotion. You cherish pure, strong connections with a few special people. You always put family and others first, and you have a quiet strength that makes you surprisingly heroic. You're gentle and, above all, kind and when you fall in love, you stay in love forever.

Radiant Cut Diamond

Top and side view of a Radiant Cut Diamond


'Radiant' describes you perfectly. You're a shining star who loves to be the centre of attention. Extroverted and glamorous, you turn heads wherever you go and if you're not famous yet, you should be. To you, performance and fun are what makes life exciting, but you're not superficial - in fact, you have a much deeper side to your personality that you keep very private. Most of the time though, you live each moment like you're on the red carpet. Drama queen? Marilyn has nothing on you.

Cushion Cut Diamond

Top and view view of a Cushion Cut Diamond


You can often be found floating on cloud nine and are sometimes accused of not having your feet on the ground. Losing yourself in the sweeping drama and all-enveloping romance of historical novels is like coming home – in fact, you often feel like you could have been born in a different time and place. Your rose-tinted view of the world sometimes leads you into trouble as you can be easily taken-in, but your belief in the ultimate goodness of others never falters.