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Getting to grips with ring sizes

Getting to grips with ring sizes

Buying diamond rings can be exciting. These gleaming items look stunning and they are the epitome of style and class. Therefore, purchasing the offerings is the ultimate in retail therapy and can give you a real kick.

But if you are to benefit from the best results, it's important that you know what size of ring you need. After all, these products vary in terms of how big and small they are and if you don't get the right size for your hand, you may be disappointed when you receive the piece of jewellery. In cases like this, you may have to get the item altered.

Of course, this issue also applies if you are buying an engagement ring as a surprise for your partner. To achieve the best results, you have to know her size.

The good news is, getting to grips with this issue is easy. Here at Quality Diamonds we offer a special ring sizer, which we can deliver for free to your door. You should measure your finger when you are at normal body temperature and make sure the sizer glides over your knuckle comfortably.

Meanwhile, if you are seeking diamond engagement rings for your other half and don't want her to know your plans, you can take one of her exiting rings and measure its diameter in secret. Using a ruler, you can take the distance across the inside edge of the item.

By making sure you know the size of item you need, you can make the process of sourcing rings easier.