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Looking After Your Diamond Jewellery

Looking After Your Diamond Jewellery

Your diamond jewellery is of course very precious to you so it is only right that you will want to keep it sparkling for many years to come.

After all, your diamond earrings, engagement ring or wedding ring will not only be of great sentimental value, it may also have quite a significant monetary value, too. Therefore, knowing a little bit about how best to look after you diamond jewellery really can be very worthwhile.

Excuse fingers!

Often when you touch your diamonds with your fingers, grease from your skin will stick to the stone. Therefore it is important that you keep your hands clean before handling your diamond jewellery. Naturally, if it is always best to keep any diamond rings well out of the way if your hands are going to be anywhere near chemicals (e.g. when washing up).

Jewellery cleaners

There are plenty of specialist cleaning solutions now available on the market that are designed explicitly for diamond cleaning. However, it is important that you do your homework so that you can be sure the cleaning solution you purchase won't contain anything that might harm your diamond. If you are in any doubt, ask a professional to recommend a suitable jewellery cleaner.

Ammonia-based products

Many professionals recommend using everyday household ammonia-based cleaning products to help your diamonds keep their sparkle. Indeed, household favourites such as window cleaning solution are often considered to be a great alternative to other types of cleaning solutions.