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Only the best with quality diamonds

Only the best with quality diamonds

The times may be changing, but diamonds still retain a certain old-fashioned allure. In spite of the spirited attempts of many a high street jeweller to reduce the exciting experience of choosing a diamond to just another errand, there is still something special about diamonds.

Whether by their rarity, their durability, their constancy as a commodity in which to invest or just their sparkle, many of us feel drawn to the beauty and glamour of a diamond. Even non-traditional brides often opt for traditional diamond solitaire rings in the end, perhaps reasoning that an engagement ring is a symbol, and like all symbols it loses some of its significance if no-one but you knows what it symbolises! Still more go for a compromise between alternative and traditional, old-fashioned and modern, and choose slightly unusual but recognisable options, such as palladium diamond rings or white gold.

At Quality Diamonds, we're dedicated to helping every bride-to-be find her dream ring. There's something special about diamonds, and that means there should be something special about going diamond shopping, such as being certain of top class no-pressure customer service. We think that shopping for engagement rings is special, since many of us set out intending to do so only once in our lives. Not only that, but many women wear their  engagement ring along with a wedding band for the rest of their lives, allowing it to become a symbol of the constancy and endurance at the heart of true love.