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Quality Diamonds Launches Order Processing System

Quality Diamonds Launches Order Processing System

Quality Diamonds, one of the UK's largest certified diamond retailers operating both online and offline through their sales offices in Hatton Garden and Milton Keynes, have developed a brand new bespoke sales order processing system.

The new system has been written and developed to maximise the efficiency of the order process, cutting waste and reducing turnaround times to further improve the value and quality of service Quality Diamonds, the specialist diamond jewellers, aim to bring to their customers.

This milestone represents the first phase of completion and forms part of Quality Diamonds' commitment to improving the information technology infrastructure, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs to remain on a solid competitive footing.

"The new system offers scalability, which will act as a platform upon which we can base future development and growth," commented a spokesperson for Quality Diamonds. "Furthermore, by investing in a customized system such as this to process customer orders, we can help to simplify the entire purchasing and manufacturing process."