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Top class diamonds that won’t break the bank

Top class diamonds that won’t break the bank

It can be daunting to head out diamond shopping for the first time. Often young grooms can find that the joy and anticipation of the period become overshadowed by doubts concerning the hugely significant and tricky purchase of an engagement ring.

There's a lot of research to do, whether on-line or on foot going from jeweller to jeweller, and even once you know what to look for in terms of carat, cut, colour and clarity it can be stressful pricing up what's available.

So if your sweetheart has her eye on a platinum diamond ring in a fancy high street jewellers and you're stressed out and tired, shopping on the sly after work and worrying about money, you need to forget all that "three months' salary" nonsense and get out and choose a quality jeweller. Independent jewellers can offer you low-pressure customer service and clear, concise advice, and once you've found one you trust there's no need to be dashing all over town. What's more, whether you're stuck choosing between princess and round brilliant cut diamonds or struggling shopping on the pricier end, we can give you straight answers and affordable prices.

So whether it's bespoke, alternative style or classic solitaire engagement rings that you're looking for, try quality diamonds. We've got all the answers, a huge catalogue of top quality certificated diamonds, and we might just be more affordable than you think.