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When Only Diamonds Will Do

When Only Diamonds Will Do

The classic diamond engagement ring, a diamond solitaire ring in gold, has a lasting appeal for more than aesthetic reasons; it has symbology all of its own. The choice of gold stands for purity, its circular band continuity and eternity, and the diamond's hardness represents the endurance of love.

Perhaps this why the traditional engagement ring style has lasted so long as a mainstay of modern wedding iconography. Combining sentimental value with wearability and and wear-it-with-anything style, the classic solitaire diamond ring remains a popular choice in the wedding industry today.

If you want a twist on the traditional, our bespoke service allows you to choose every element to create the perfect ring. Select the size and quality of your gem, and combine it with a band and setting of your choice. Consider unusual precious metals, such as one of our rare palladium diamond rings, a cluster of stones, or an interesting cut of diamond.

However, even if you choose to opt for an engagement ring in a classic style, there's no reason you should miss the chance at a ring which is unique, special or spectacular. While some nationwide high street jewellers might sell the same ring to a thousand brides over the course of a year, by choosing with an independent retailer such as Quality Diamonds, you ensure that there is something just a little bit special about the one you choose. Not only that, but you'll benefit from the skills of our staff, low-pressure sales technique, and our high quality customer service.