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Three Stone Diamond Rings

Three Stone Diamond Rings

Is there anything more irresistible than a Diamond? How about three? Take a look at our selection of gorgeous Three Stone Rings.

When it comes to Trilogy rings, tradition says that each Diamond represents a symbolic meaning in relationships. The past, present, and future; or the symbol of friendship, love, and fidelity. Three stone rings make a delightful alternative to a Classic Solitaire, and we have a beautiful selection to choose from.All of our rings are available in Platinum, Palladium, 18K Yellow Gold and 18K Rose Gold.


Inspired by the French word for Happiness. Our Classic Trilogy Design Bonheur holds the Round Brilliant Diamonds in Four Claw Settings with the Diamonds graduated in size either side. The tapering band has open side detailing to allow the light to catch the sparkle perfectly.

Bonheur - 18K White Gold
Bonheur - 18K Rose Gold
Bonheur - 18K Yellow Gold

Caressa Three Stone Diamond Ring

Inspired by the French word for Caress. Our Classic Caressa Design features Round Brilliant Diamonds with Tiffany Lucida Style Claws wrapping to hold the Stones securely. The tapering band splits to allow the Daylight to complement the Sparkle.

Caressa - 18K White Gold
Caressa - 18K Rose Gold
Caressa - 18K Yellow Gold

Noa Three Stone Diamond Ring

Inspired by the Japanese meaning of From Love. Our Classic Round Brilliant Diamond Noa Trilogy Design holds three Round Brilliant cut Diamonds each sharing a Four Claw Setting, with the two side brilliant cut diamonds totalling approx 0.32ct. The stunning Trilogy Design shows off the Diamonds beautifully.

Noa - 18K White Gold
Noa - 18K Rose Gold
Noa - 18K Yellow Gold

Zahra Three Stone Diamond Ring

Inspired by the Arabic meaning for Flower. Our Elegant Trilogy design Zahra features a central Brilliant Round Diamond with complimenting pear cut Diamonds totalling approx 0.45ct either side. The delicate band elegantly sweeps into Pear cut diamond drawing the eye to the sparkle.

Zahra - 18K White Gold
Zahra - 18K Rose Gold
Zahra - 18K Yellow Gold

Milada Three Stone Diamond Ring

Inspired by the Czech meaning for My Love. Our Milada Design features a Central Round Brilliant Diamond with complimenting tapered baguettes with total weight of approx 0.30ct set either side. The U shaped Four Claw Setting shows off the sparkle beautifully along with the split detail in the band.

Milada - 18K White Gold
Milada - 18K Rose Gold
Milada - 18K Yellow Gold

Mabelle Three Stone Diamond Ring

Inspired by the French word for Lovable. Our Classic Elegant Mabelle holds a central Oval Cut Diamond with Round Brilliant cut Diamonds totalling 0.32ct. The delicate band splits to allow the light to compliment the Diamonds beautifully.

Mabelle - 18K White Gold
Mabelle - 18K Rose Gold
Mabelle - 18K Yellow Gold

Ceri Three Stone Diamond Ring

Inspired by the Welsh meaning to Love. Our Vintage Style Round Trilogy Design hold the Diamonds in Four Claw Settings. To complement the sparkle Round Brilliant Diamonds have been channel set into each shoulder.

Ceri - 18K White Gold
Ceri - 18K Rose Gold
Ceri - 18K Yellow Gold

Nayeli Three Stone Diamond Ring

Inspired by the Native American meaning for I Love You. Our Art Deco Style Trilogy design holds a central Emerald Cut Diamond with smaller Emerald Cut Diamonds, totalling approx 0.40ct, set either side. The elegant style of the design is complimented by the tapering band.

Nayeli - 18K White Gold
Nayeli - 18K Rose Gold
Nayeli - 18K Yellow Gold

Vida Three Stone Diamond Ring

Inspired by the Hebrew meaning for Dearly Loved. Our Art Deco style Trilogy Design with a central emerald cut features two additional tapered baguette cut Diamonds with total approx weight 0.30ct. The tapering band leads your eye to the stunning Diamonds.

Vida - 18K White Gold
Vida - 18K Rose Gold
Vida - 18K Yellow Gold
For enquiries on our collection of 3 Stone Diamond rings please contact us, or arrange an appointment with one of our expert advisers.