We pride ourselves on being able to source the highest quality independently certified loose diamonds.

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We offer the highest quality diamonds at the lowest prices. Unlike many of our competitors, we keep our operation small and work on very low margins so we can offer you the best prices possible. But if you should find an equivalent loose diamond for less than we’re selling it then we’ll happily match the price.

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We have a huge selection of loose diamonds in all shapes and sizes so whether you’re craving a Cushion Cut, hankering for a Heart Shape, or pining for a Princess, the diamond of your dreams is only a few clicks away.

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All of our diamonds are 100% natural, conflict-free, ethically sourced, and independently certified by one of the world’s leading diamond laboratories. What’s more, we don’t offer any diamonds graded I1 or lower for clarity or those with a ‘poor’ cut grade.

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The Four C's

When choosing loose diamonds, it’s crucial to know about the Four C’s – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight. Each diamond is graded against these four characteristics to help you choose the ones that best suit your needs. Just because a diamond is big, doesn’t make it the best – it’s the cut, colour, and clarity that give a stone fire and brilliance.

The Four C's

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