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What is the best Christmas present for the women in your life?

What is the best Christmas present for the women in your life?

December 01 2022

We love simple, understated and elegant diamond stud earrings. They make the perfect gift for ALL occasions, and for ALL of the women in your life, but we especially love them as Christmas gifts. So here are some of our recommendations for the women in your life...

For your wife...

Why not use her engagement ring as inspiration? Matching her centre stone to a pair of classic diamond stud earrings shows an attention to detail that she will really appreciate.


For your Mum...

Your Mum deserves to be spoiled! We recommend Round Brilliant or Princess Cuts diamonds to ensure she gets maximum sparkle. White Gold or Yellow gold settings will give good value for money whilst still allowing the natural colour of the diamond to shine bright.  


For your Mother-in-Law...

Whether you are constantly fighting your way out of the dog house, or the perfect spouse to your precious baby emerald-cut diamond earrings is sure to earn her Christmas approval. Emerald-cut diamonds are unique among their diamond peers. Most diamonds are cut to maximise sparkle, Emerald diamonds are Step Cut to showcase the clarity within the stone. This creates flashes of light known as the hall of mirrors effect. Instead of twinkles and sparkles, Emerald cut stones emit broad flashes of white light that contrast the dark planes within each step.

Emerald-cut diamond earrings will help you win on the budget front too, you can generally expect to pay 15-25% less on an Emerald cut diamond than on a round diamond of the same carat weight. And the average 1-carat emerald cut diamond has a 5% larger surface area than a 1-carat round cut diamond, you can get larger-looking stones for less money!!! Win-Win!


As no two diamonds are exactly the same (ever, anywhere in the world), finding the perfect matching pair can be tricky. Our website has been optimised to create a list of the very best matches.   We use more than just the 4C's, factoring in extra characteristics such as the physical dimensions (read this blog post to understand why this is important) to create a personalised list of the world's best-matching diamonds.


To create your diamond earrings first select the diamond shape you wish to order. Then select the setting you like best, you will be able to see from the options presented the metal colour and price of each suitable setting. Once you are happy with the setting style and metal, it's time to find your first diamond.  You can use the filter sliders at the top of the page to narrow down your search. "We Recommend" shows you our two recommended diamonds and "You Choose" allows you to pick your own diamonds. Once your order is placed we fly your diamonds from where ever they are in the world to our workshop, where they will be set by hand into the settings you chose.  After a final polish, the earrings will be delivered to you in a beautiful box ready to be hidden under your Christmas tree.


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