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Insuring Your Diamonds

Insuring Your Diamonds

If you’re wondering whether you need insurance, you probably do. Ask yourself how easy it would be to replace your diamond jewellery should it become lost, damaged or stolen. In many cases, home contents insurance doesn't provide enough cover or the right cover, so it's sensible to look at other options.

We've arranged for experienced jewellery insurance specialists T H March to provide information about the benefits of insuring your jewellery. As the premier broker to the jewellery trade, T H March offers unmatched expertise and service to its customers.

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About T H March:

  • Established in 1887
  • Trusted as Appointed Brokers to The National Association of Goldsmiths
  • Dependable being the Official Brokers to the British Jewellers Association
  • Near you with six offices in the UK
  • Over 90 staff who can be trusted to give great customer service
  • Always behind the scenes offering safe solutions to your insurance needs


Expect Personal Service

When you call T H March, you'll speak directly to one of their Insurance team who will still be there next week - the average length of service is 10 years. They have a staff with over 1000 years of great service and experience.

Contact T H March on 01822 855555 quoting ref AG120T

  • Ethically Sourced Diamonds
  • Handmade in the UK
  • FREE Shipping Worldwide
  • 60 Day Returns