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The perfect proposal starts with a perfect

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From Vintage to Contemporary, Classic to Art Deco, Solitaire to Halo, we have a diamond engagement ring style to suit everyone.

Bewildered by the choice of diamonds?

For those without the time (or inclination!) to learn the finer points of choosing a diamond, we have carefully curated a selection of our most popular diamond engagement ring styles. You choose the style and size of the diamond and we'll do the rest.

Proposing Soon?

Our ready-made engagement ring selection features gemstone and lab-grown engagement rings and can be ready for delivery or collection in just 1 working day... just in case you left it to the last minute!

The perfect proposal demands the perfect engagement ring. The perfect ring should take your breath away, without blowing your budget.

Whether you propose with the ring in hand or buy it together, the engagement ring is a symbol of your promise to each other. At Quality Diamonds, we know how important it is to get the engagement ring just right. We've helped thousands of couples choose the perfect ring and we can help you too.

As one of the UK's leading online jewellers, we are certified diamond and fine jewellery specialists and have diamond experts to help with your engagement ring purchase. Our online engagement ring collection is a small selection of what we have available and our showrooms in London's Hatton Garden, Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and our home city of Milton Keynes have a wide range of additional styles which are available to view, by appointment.

Aside from the engagement ring styles featured on this website, we can also help you design your own engagement ring in any style using your imagination, whether from a drawing, photograph or digital image. Click here to find out more.

Choose a diamond engagement ring with Quality Diamonds and you’ll get free delivery, free resize, a 60-day money-back guarantee, a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and a free polish before your big day!

To make your engagement ring purchase as easy as possible, we offer a range of finance options, giving you the flexibility to spread out your payments.

If you have any questions about engagement rings at Quality Diamonds, our expert team are happy to help.

Getting engaged is a magical moment, so dreaming up a romantic proposal when you have found that special someone is unique to everyone. This moment deserves an engagement ring to match. We provide a stunning collection of diamond engagement rings in a variety of diamond cuts and metals, ensuring we can make your perfect piece. Our collection features single solitaires, diamond-set, and halo rings, all available for sale online in the UK.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be daunting but you’re not alone. We've put together these buying guides to help you get started and our small, friendly team is also on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Engagement Ring Buying Guide For Him - If you’re planning to pop the question, this is for you.

Engagement Ring Buying Guide For Both Of You - If you’re buying the ring together, this is for you (but really it’s for her!).

Whatever you choose, we have the ideal engagement rings for women and for men available online in the UK. With unrivalled quality and luxury, you can rely on us to help make your moment perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

An engagement ring symbolises infinite love and connection between you and will no doubt be the most special thing they’ll ever wear, so it’s important to make sure the engagement ring you choose is perfect for them. An engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of your promise of love, commitment and dedication to each other and represents the lifelong journey you’ll share together. 

There’s a vicious rumour going around that you should spend 2-3 months' salary on an engagement ring to show you really care, but pay no heed to that as it’s pretty old-fashioned advice. By all means, do it if you want to. Just don’t spend that much because you feel you should.

Spend as much on the engagement ring as you’re comfortable with. That means spending an amount you can afford and that you’re happy spending. An engagement ring is a special purchase but if you’re having a panic attack as you reach for your credit card, you’re probably spending too much.

It may help to start with a budget in mind so you don’t get carried away when you start browsing. As a rough guide, aim to spend more on the diamond than you do on the setting and make sure you know all about the Four C's as that will help you get the most beautiful, stunning diamond for your money.

Around three-quarters of all diamonds set in engagement rings are round brilliant - Simple, classical, beautiful; the round brilliant is the diamond equivalent of a rose. Its simple elegance needs no fancy setting, which is why the round brilliant solitaire continues to be the most popular style of engagement ring.

Other popular diamond shapes include princess, emerald, cushion, pear and oval cuts. If you like the look of a fancy-cut diamond engagement ring, then go for it: your design is unique to you, so make it yours.

There is a huge choice of engagement ring styles available, but hands down the most popular is a simple round single stone, set in a simple solitaire setting. Gaining in popularity are diamond-set solitaire engagement rings and for those with an eye for a bit of bling, halo diamond engagement rings are a real statement piece. Most importantly, an engagement ring is intended for life, so regardless of the latest fashion, it absolutely must perfectly complement and reflect your partner’s personality.

Our diamond advisers can offer you personalised, professional advice when choosing an engagement ring. Whether you plan to surprise your partner or would prefer to make the decision together, we can help. Book an appointment at one of our showrooms, live chat, email or give us a call.

It's long been a tradition that diamonds feature as the centrepiece of an engagement ring, but this is wholly the choice of the couple and if you prefer a different central gemstone, then the choice is completely yours. 

If you need some guidance, our engagement ring buying guide is a great place to begin.

Traditionally, engagement rings in a heterosexual relationship are worn by ladies. However, times change and so do relationships and given there are no rules about who receives an engagement ring, feel free to decide between you whether one or both of you would like to wear one.

If you are choosing together, the best option is to have their size measured at one of our showrooms in London, Birmingham or Milton Keynes. If this isn't practical, you might be able to have the ring sized at a jeweller local to you. Failing that, click here to find out how to request a free ring sizer.

If this isn't practical, or your plans are secret, you may need to discreetly ask friends and family, or borrow an existing ring to measure, if they wear jewellery on their ring fingers. Read our handy guide "What's My Ring Size" for tips on finding a ring size

If you really can't find out; when ordering your engagement ring choose ‘Not Known’ and we’ll send it to you in a standard size, usually Size M and if it doesn’t fit, your first resize is completely free of charge!

When you’re ordering a diamond engagement ring, getting the right size can be a worry - especially if you’re buying it as a surprise for someone else. If it doesn't fit perfectly when it arrives, you can return it to us within 60 days to be resized once free of charge.

Left to its own devices, your diamond engagement ring would look as good in 100 years as it did when you bought it. But most everyday activities are not kind to your jewellery. In particular, it’s best to remove your engagement ring before attempting any of the following:

  • washing up, washing and any other kind of housework
  • gardening, decorating or DIY
  • having a bath or a shower
  • swimming, sports, rock climbing, and hand-to-hand combat!

Our caring for your diamond jewellery guide shares more tips for looking after your precious engagement ring.

Yes, but please follow these golden rules when cleaning an engagement ring; “Be Gentle”. Don’t scrub hard, don’t use any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, and ALWAYS remember to plug the sink!

Follow these five easy steps to keep your engagement ring looking brand new:

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a small amount of mild dishwashing liquid.
  2. Allow your engagement ring to soak for 5-10 minutes then use a soft bristle brush such as a baby toothbrush to clean it. Rinse thoroughly.
  3. Dry gently with a soft, lint-free cloth. If you can still see dirt deposits between the prongs and the diamond, carefully use a softened toothpick to remove them then rinse and dry again.
  4. Finish by gently polishing the whole piece with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  5. Repeat every month or when necessary.

Those few simple steps should be all you need to do to keep your engagement ring looking beautiful but if stronger cleaning is required, take it to a specialist cleaner.