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What is DiamondScore?

What is DiamondScore?

Your Guide to our Unique DiamondScore

As you’ll already know if you've read our Diamond Knowledge section, it’s crucial to learn about the 4 C’s of a diamond:

These attributes are widely regarded as the most important measure of the quality of a diamond and to a certain extent that’s true. However, as you’ll see when you search for diamonds, there’s still a big variation in the price of diamonds that share the same attributes. That’s because there are other factors which affect the quality (and therefore the price) of a diamond.

So how can you be sure the diamond you choose is the best on offer? To help you, we've developed DiamondScore - a method of scoring each diamond that takes into account the Four C's, as well as these vital statistics:  

  • The gemmological laboratory that certified the diamond
  • Table percentage
  • Depth percentage
  • Polish
  • Symmetry
  • Fluorescence
  • Girdle
  • Length to width ratio

How it works, a.k.a. the Science Bit

Without getting too 'geeky'… We give every diamond a score out of 10 for 11 out of the 12 attributes listed above (we don't score carat weight, for obvious reasons!). Each attribute is rated for its importance in giving you what you're looking for – the ultimate sparkler. You’re then given a score between 1 and 10 for each diamond so you can easily see which is the best quality without having to compare minute details or obtain a degree in gemmology!

What's the best way to use DiamondScore?

Using DiamondScore is like having your own personal diamond expert. Search for diamonds by your desired shape, carat weight and budget then take a look at the first result. This is the best quality diamond available for your budget and ideally it should have a DiamondScore of 8 or higher (8.5 is desirable and anything over 9 is simply divine).

If you’re not getting a high enough DiamondScore, try increasing your budget slightly or dropping the carat weight a little before searching again.

How can I find a perfect 10?

You probably can't! All diamonds are unique and their 'uniqueness' is governed by imperfections. Obviously, the fewer the imperfections the rarer the diamond, but generally speaking every diamond has them. So far the highest DiamondScore we've found is 9.96 but if you ever spot the elusive 10 then please let us know. :-)

If you’d like to talk about any of the diamonds you've identified or would like more information on DiamondScore, we’d be delighted to assist you by phone, live chat or email – or why not make an appointment to see us in London (Hatton Garden), Birmingbham (Jewellery Quarter) or Milton Keynes. Our extremely knowledgeable diamond advisers will be happy to spend as much time as you need ensuring you have all the information to make the right decision.

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