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Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shapes

Shape refers to a diamond’s form. Although you may hear the words ‘shape’ and ‘cut’ used interchangeably, ‘cut’ is more often used to describe the quality of the cutting process.

When buying a diamond, shape is probably one of the first things you’ll want to decide on. Whilst each shape has its own distinct style and characteristics, choosing the shape of your diamond is a matter for the heart, not the head. It’s about what shape captures your style, expresses your personality and ultimately, what shape is most beautiful to you.

That said, there are some things to consider. Do you want a scintillating brilliant cut or a subtly sparkling step cut? Would you prefer a shape that’s prized for its timeless and classic look or one that’s a little bit different from the norm?

If you’re buying a diamond ring, it’s also important to know how different shapes can affect the appearance of fingers. Round or square stones, such as the Radiant, can help to balance wide fingers while narrow stones, such as the Marquise, will make short fingers look more slender. Whichever shape you’ve got your heart set on, the following pages suggest ways you can play with the size and proportions of the stone to flatter your fingers.

Do You Know Your Crown from Your Culet?
Before embarking on this voyage of diamond shape discovery, check out the Anatomy of a Diamond to make sure you’re equipped with all the necessary lingo.

Round Brilliant Diamond

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Timelessly Beautiful

Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess Cut Diamonds

Gracefully Modern

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Sleek and Sophisticated

Oval Cut Diamond

Oval Cut Diamonds

Classically Elegant

Oval Cut Diamond

Pear Cut Diamonds

Delicately Distinctive

Oval Cut Diamond

Marquise Cut Diamonds

Exquisitely Enchanting

Oval Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Softly Romantic

Oval Cut Diamond

Heart Cut Diamonds

Curvaceous and lovely

Oval Cut Diamond

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Stylishly Cultured

Oval Cut Diamond

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Glamorously Dramatic

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