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A Diamond's Anatomy

A Diamond's Anatomy

To understand diamonds, you first need to learn to speak their language. In particular, there are a few special terms that gemmologists use to refer to the different parts of a diamond’s anatomy.


The width of a round diamond measured using a straight line which passes through the middle of the stone.


The height of a diamond measured from the very top to the very bottom. 


The largest facet on the top of the diamond.


The top half of the diamond, the part above the girdle.


The very fine ‘belt’ that goes around the diamond, basically the line that separates the diamond’s top (crown) from its bottom (pavilion).


The bottom part of the diamond, the bit below the girdle.


A tiny facet (the smaller the better) cut across the bottommost point of the diamond to prevent chipping or breaking.


A surface or ‘face’ created when the diamond is cut.

Star Facets

Triangular shaped facets surrounding the table which form a star-shape when viewed from above.

Kite Facets

Facets shaped like a four-sided kite which extend from the table to the girdle. Sometimes referred to as Bezel Facets.

Upper Girdle Facets

The 16 triangular facets that sit directly on top of the girdle.

Lower Girdle Facets

The 16 triangular facets that sit directly below the girdle.

Pavilion Main Facets

The 8 large four-sided facets which run from the girdle to the culet.

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