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The Four C's

The Four C's


You might think that one diamond is as good as the next but the truth is not all diamonds are created equal. Even to the untrained eye, it's easy to see the difference between a diamond worth £1,000 and one worth £5,000 and it's not just to do with size. The more expensive diamond will sparkle more, be clearer and brighter, and look more stunning overall.

Gemologists have devised a way to grade diamonds to measure things like "amount of sparkle" and purity. This system is referred to as the Four C's because it grades diamonds on their quality of Cut, Colour, Clarity and their Carat Weight. Each of the Four C's contributes in a different way to the overall beauty and value of a diamond.

The Four C's can tell you much more about a diamond that you could ever glean from price alone because two diamonds equal in value may have very different characteristics. Learning about the Four C's will help you choose from the thousands of diamonds available by focusing on what's important to you. So, for example, if you rate sparkle over size or you aspire to wearing a perfectly flawless diamond, you can use the Four C's to find the stone that's just right.

By taking a few minutes now to learn about each of the Four C's you'll be able to select the best diamonds your money can buy.

Carat Weight

Indicates the weight of a diamond and gives an indication of size.

Colour Grade

Colourless or near colourless diamonds appear brighter and clearer.

Clarity Grade

Higher clarity grades have fewer imperfections.

Cut Grade

A well-cut diamond has more fire, brilliance and scintillation.

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