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Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shapes

March 11 2022

Want to treat your loved one to something special this year? Nothing says I love you more than a gorgeous diamond!

With an extensive database of ethical and certified diamonds, you’re destined to find the diamond that’s perfect for you.

We have a vast collection of Jewellery designs that are tailored to your specifications, where you are able to pick your own remarkable Diamond. Alternatively, if you have an idea in mind, and can’t find anything quite like it, then our Diamond Experts and Designer, will work together to create you a bespoke piece.

Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes, and each shape is as unique and beautiful as the next. Choosing your Diamond shape is an important part of choosing your Diamond, as each shape will sparkle and complement in many different ways.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

One of the most popular shapes, the classic Round Brilliant Diamond sparkles with unbeaten brilliance and beauty.


Our Round Brilliant Amorette Diamond Ring in Platinum design holds the Diamond in a delicate 4 claw setting, showcasing the Round Brilliant in all its glory.


Princess Cut Diamonds

The second most popular shape is the princess cut diamond. Having been cut perfectly into a square shape, this Diamond portrays a modern design with a contemporary edge.


Our Princess Amia Diamond Ring in Platinum holds the Diamond in a delicate Tiffany-style setting, allowing the light to flood through the diamond and sparkle exquisitely.


Emerald Shaped Diamonds

With clipped corners and parallel facets, the emerald-cut diamond boasts a rectangular and sleek design.


Our Emerald Hita Diamond Ring in 18K Yellow Gold design is a beautiful setting, perfect for accentuating the Art Deco glamour of the Emerald Cut Diamond.


Oval-Cut Diamonds

Elegantly smooth, the Oval Cut Diamond is becoming an increasingly popular choice for a Diamond Engagement Ring.


Our Oval Clara Diamond Ring in 18K Rose Gold features a sophisticated double gallery setting, holding the Oval cut Diamond in 4 graceful claws.


Pear Shaped Diamonds

Smooth and curvaceous like the Round Brilliant, yet pointed at one end like the Marquise; the pear-cut diamond is a striking shape for a dramatic design.


Our Pear Aurelia Diamond Ring in Platinum design holds the Pear cut Diamond in a split band design, that sweeps towards the Pear, holding it in a 3 claw setting.


Marquise Cut Diamonds

Mystical and stylish, the slender Marquise cut is an impressive shape with an alluring charm.


Our Marquise Hera Diamond Ring in Platinum design holds the Marquise Diamond in a subtle 2 prong setting, encasing the diamond in a flushed manner, optimising the slender shape of the stone.


Cushion Cut Diamonds

Soft and plump, the Cushion cut Diamond is often shaped square like the Princess cut, but with smooth rounded edges.


Our Cushion Mirabelle Diamond Ring in 18K Rose Gold design crosses underneath the Diamond, into a Tiffany-style Lucida setting, creating an elegant and classic look.


Heart Shaped Diamonds

Taking the symbol of your love to another level, the Heart cut Diamond is not only a romantic gesture but radiates fire and brilliance with its smooth glistening curves.


Our Heart Hera Diamond Ring in 18K Yellow Gold design holds the Diamond in a delicate 3 prong setting, to enhance the unique shape of the heart-cut diamond.


Asscher Cut Diamonds

Sophisticated and Art Deco, the Asscher cut Diamond is a fashionable statement bound to catch everyone’s eye.


Our Asscher Rosa Diamond Ring in Platinum design holds the Asscher cut Diamond in a 4 claw setting that swoops down into a U shape, maximising sparkle.


Radiant Cut Diamonds

Oozing enchantment and romance, the Radiant cut Diamond is richly luxurious in every way.


Our Radiant Hita Diamond Ring in Platinum design holds the Radiant Cut Diamond in a delicate 4 claw setting, that sweeps down to cross below the band.

All of the rings shown are available in a range of metals.


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