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Why choose a Cushion cut Diamond?

Why choose a Cushion cut Diamond?

Bursting with fire and sparkle, the Cushion cut Diamond boasts an Antique style.

In simple terms, the Cushion cut Diamond is much like a square cut, but with smooth rounded edges and curved sides. This gives the Diamond it’s famously soft pillow like shape, which is where the name ‘Cushion’ was born from.

The Cushion cut portrays an antique design that has been loved by many for well over 100 years. It is typically cut with 57 facets, yet there are many different cutting ‘styles’ for the Cushion cut Diamond. Some of these include: ‘Antique Cushion cut’, ‘Modified Cushion cut’ and ‘Cushion Brilliant cut’. The variation between the cuts are based mostly on the size of the facets. The size of the facet will dictate how your Diamonds sparkle will perform. The larger the facet, the broader the flash of sparkle will be. With smaller facets, you will find the sparkle flashes in small bursts. This allows you the opportunity to determine how your Diamond will sparkle, by choosing from a selection of cutting styles.


When choosing a Cushion cut Diamond, we suggest:

‘Because the Cushion Cut has large facets, it makes it easy to detect inclusions and traces of colour. So we recommend to go for a stone with the highest colour and clarity grades your budget will allow.’


Cushion Mirabelle in 18K Yellow Gold

The Cushion cut is known for its scintillation, and the fire and brilliance that it expels. It was first developed in the 19th century, and since then has been modified several times, whilst still keeping its pillow like shape.
The Cushion cut is the perfect choice for the hopeless romantic who loves an Antique design.
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