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Why Choose a Pear Cut Diamond?

Why Choose a Pear Cut Diamond?

The pear shape cut boasts a delicate slender design with an essence of femininity.

Typically known as the pear cut, this striking shape can also be know as a pendeloque or a teardrop cut. The pear cut is the subtle blending of a Round Brilliant and a Marquise.
Similar to the brilliant cut, the pear shape has 57 facets. In these facets, you will find you may have between 4-8 pavilion main facets.

The pear shaped is loved for many reasons, with one being that it offers remarkable flexibility and choice. It works just as beautifully in a pendant or pair of earrings as it does in an engagement ring. Whether you wear the diamond with the tip facing up or down, or in a horizontal setting, the pear cut diamond will sparkle exquisitely.

One of our tips when it comes to choosing your pear cut diamond is:
'The pointed tip of a pear shape diamond can cause any trace of colour to be concentrated. Choosing a stone with a colour grade of H or higher will ensure your diamond looks crystal clear from base to tip.'

Hera - Platinum.

The Pear shape cut originated in 1475, when a Diamond cutter named Lodewyk van Bercken invented a diamond-polishing wheel. This is what he used to introduce the concept of absolute symmetry in the placement of facets, and then produced penedeloque or 'broilette' shaped diamonds (shorter squatter versions of the pear shape).

At the time, the pendeloque shape was considered to handle light poorly with little sparkle, therefore meaning it was not good enough to be used in commercial sale. However, since the revolutionary cutting techniques of Lodewyk van Bercken, we now have the beautiful Pear Shape diamonds we see today.

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