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Why Choose an Emerald Cut Diamond?

Why Choose an Emerald Cut Diamond?

The Emerald cut diamond became a very popular cut due to its classical style and elegance not seen in other cuts. The emerald cut is what is known as a step cut diamond as opposed to the more common brilliant cut diamond. This gives an appearance of steps going into the diamond which results in a very distinctive and unique brilliance. Typically the number of facets that emerald cut has is 58, with 25 on the pavilion 8 on the girdle and another 25 on the crown.

The appearance of the emerald cut diamond is one that differs markedly from the more popular brilliant diamond cuts. The gem appears to not sparkle as much or have the same ability to flicker in the light. This is due to the emerald cut being unable to achieve the high values of either brilliance or fire of the round brilliant or modified brilliant cut as it is generally cut too shallow.

However, what it does have is a classical beauty and elegance not seen in the round brilliants as the emerald cut manages to accentuate to the viewer the clarity, whiteness and colour of the diamond. This makes it important when buying to get the highest grade of both colour and cut affordable to your budget.

When viewed through the crown it appears that there is a staircase within the diamond itself it does this because of the way it is cut. The facets are cut rectilinear and are arranged to be perfectly parallel to the girdle of the gem. This is an appealing trait of the cut and one that ensures it popularity.

However, due to the recent popularity of the brilliant cuts the emerald cut has found itself not as highly sought after as it once was. This has led to prices not being of the same value as those of a similarly weighted round brilliant for example. During the art deco period the emerald style of diamond was very popular indeed. This is because it fit in so well with the geometric and lavish themes that is associated with the period. Much of the jewellery of this time was made with this cut of diamond.