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Why Choose an Emerald Cut Diamond

Why Choose an Emerald Cut Diamond

Being one of the most well-known diamond cuts and a classic; this elongated and elegant shape might be the one that steals your heart.

The cut type for this diamond shape is known as a Step Cut, this has the appearance of steps going into the diamond - quite different to the more common Brilliant cut type, which is recognised for its brilliance.

This shape appears to not sparkle as much as others, this is due to it not being able to attain the brilliance or fire due to it being cut too shallow. Although, it does have classical beauty and elegance which isn’t really seen in brilliant cuts. The Emerald cut managed to accentuate the clarity, whiteness and colour of the diamond.


Origins of the Emerald cut diamond trace back to the 1500’s, where stonecutters had originally created this cut for Emerald Gemstones. 

This shape became popular as its reduced pressure during the cutting process meant it prevented chips in the gems. The term Emerald wasn’t used until the 1920’s art deco movement when it saw an increase in popularity. Previous to this it was called the ‘Table’ and ‘Multi-faceted Table’ cut.

Technical Specifications

  • Usually has 57 Facets, though this varies on the number of rows on the Crown and Pavilion.
  • An Emerald cut typically has 25 facets on the Crown, 8 on the Girdle and 24 which make up the Pavilion.
  • Its ideal ratio ranges from 1.3 to 1.5 - this depends on the taste for the customer. A 1.4 ratio is considered ideal/most popular. Those who wish to have a more square shape opt for a lower ratio, whereas people who prefer the more rectangle shape opt for a higher ratio.

Emerald-Cut Jewellery

Diamond Set Emerald Adonia in Platinum

Our dramatic Adonia design holds an Emerald cut Diamond in a four claw setting beautifully in place, whilst being surrounded by a Halo of Round Brilliant Diamonds as well as being set in the bands to complement the central stone and optimise its sparkle.


Blue Sapphire and Diamond Set Emerald Jiya in Platinum

Inspired by the African meaning for Piece of Heart, our contemporary design holds the Emerald cut Diamond in place with four claws. The Platinum bands hold Princess Cut blue Sapphires and Diamonds in a channel setting, making a stunning ring.


Emerald Ettore Pendant in 18K Yellow Gold 

The Setting Ettore is inspired by the Italian word for Loyal. The Emerald Cut diamond is held in place by four claws allowing light to enter the diamond from as many angles as possible to optimise shine.


Diamond Stud Emerald Ettore in 18K Yellow Gold

These Emerald diamonds are held in an Ettore setting in 18K Yellow gold, making these earrings a classic.


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