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Why choose an Oval Cut Diamond?

Why choose an Oval Cut Diamond?

The Oval cut Diamond is a smooth yet elegant shape that expresses a classic sophistication.

This beautiful shape is commonly known as the Oval cut, yet is it technically a modification of the Round Brilliant.

The similarities between the 2 are mostly due to the cutting methods, as they are cut using similar techniques and both with 57 facets.

As the Oval cut Diamond is faceted and cut in a similar way to the Round Brilliant, it results in the Diamond having an exquisite sparkle and stunning beauty. A great benefit of the Oval cut is that it is a universally flattering shape. For short fingers or long fingers, this delicate shape can have a lengthening or a balancing effect, making it an excellent choice for everyone.

One of our tips when it comes to choosing an Oval cut Diamond is:
'As with the Round Brilliant, choosing a diamond with a Good or Excellent cut grade will give you a stunning diamond with maximum fire, brilliance and scintillation.’

Oval Hita in Platinum

The Oval cut Diamond has been around for many years, yet the version we see today has only been around since the 1960’s. This was when Russian Diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan designed the Brilliant cut version, capturing the optimum sparkle and beauty of the Round Brilliant but in an Oval form. The Oval cut is the perfect choice for someone who loves the classic timeless style of a Round Brilliant Diamond, but wants to go for something a little more unique.

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