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How to Order

How to Order

Choosing and ordering a beautiful, custom piece of diamond jewellery on our website really couldn't be easier - just see our video and quick overview below.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are made up of a setting (which is diamond set or diamond set solitaire), plus one diamond. Our website allows you to customise every aspect of the design so you can create a ring that’s perfect for you in every way.

For the setting, you can search by type (solitaire or solitaire with side stones), style and metal. If you know the shape of diamond you want, you can also choose to view only settings suitable for that shape. Click the icon for the metal and different shapes to see the options the for that setting, then click on "Quick View" to see more images and setting information. When you've found your ideal setting click "Details" to select it.

The next page shows both the setting and the diamond search on one page. You can change the metal and shape for the setting here, if necessary.

The diamond search is split into two tabs, "We Recommend" and "You Choose":

  • "We Recommend" - Simply move the price and carat sliders and our algorithm will find four results:
    • "Recommended" (the one we'd recommend)
    • "Highest Quality"
    • "Biggest" (from the top)
    • "Lowest Price" (but no poor quality diamonds)
  • "You Choose" - You have complete control over the search, click "Advanced Filters" if you want to dive in and be super specific on the choice of diamond

See our Buying Guides section for insider tips and expert knowledge on buying an engagement ring.

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Wedding Rings

Step down by selecting the style of wedding ring, then refine the width, metal and diamond coverage (if you've selected a style that includes diamonds, of course!). You can further customise with an engraving and choose if you'd like the finish to be brushed or polished.

For a more details about buying the perfect wedding rings, why not read our Wedding Ring Buying Guide.

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Diamond Earrings

A beautiful pair of earrings requires a beautiful pair of matching diamonds. Our website makes it easy for you to find two diamonds of the same shape and quality  so you can focus on the finished look without having to waste time comparing details like dimensions, colour grade and carat weight.

The process is similar to engagement rings, but his time "We Recommend" finds the best pair of diamonds (Click First Diamond or Second Diamond for the details) for your chosen price and carat weight and "You Choose" allows you to pick each diamond individually.

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