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How to Order

How to Order

Choosing and ordering a beautiful, custom piece of diamond jewellery on our website really couldn't be easier - just see our video and quick overviews below.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are made up of a setting (which is diamond set or diamond set solitaire), plus one diamond. Our website allows you to customise every aspect of the design so you can create a ring that’s perfect for you in every way.

For the setting, you can search by type (solitaire or solitaire with side stones), price range, and metal. If you know the shape of diamond you want, you can also choose to view only settings suitable for that shape. Click on a setting to view it in detail and when you've found your ideal setting click "Choose this Setting" to select it.

When it comes to choosing the diamond, you’ll first be asked to choose a shape. You can then narrow down the search results by price and carat weight. Use the "Advanced Search" filters to refine your search results even further. Click "View Diamond" for more details including the certificate then click "Choose this Diamond" to select the one you want.

See our Buying Guides section for insider tips and expert knowledge on buying an engagement ring.

Wedding Rings

With our seven step customisation tool, you can create your wedding rings from scratch so you know you’ll end up with a ring you’ll love wearing every day of your life.

First select the metal, then the shape, width and thickness, before getting down to the finer details of finish, engraving and cutting style. It couldn’t be easier to find your perfect ring.

For a more detailed explanation see our Wedding Ring Buying Guide.

Diamond Earrings

A beautiful pair of earrings requires a beautiful pair of matching diamonds. Our website makes it easy for you to find two diamonds of the same shape and quality  so you can focus on the finished look without having to waste time comparing details like dimensions, colour grade and carat weight.

Choose the diamonds first and then complete your purchase by adding a set of stud earrings in platinum, 18K yellow gold or 18K white gold.