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Diamond Bracelets

Diamond Bracelets

From beautiful bangles to breathtaking bracelets, our collection offers a variety of contemporary and classic designs.

What better way to showcase your diamonds, than by having them gracefully sparkle on your wrist? Our gorgeous collection of Diamond bracelets are perfect for every occasion, and make an unforgettable present for a loved one, or even a stunning gift for yourself!

Carina - Round Diamond Bracelet

With inspiration from the French word for Pure, our classic Carina bracelet is beautifully set with Round Brilliant cut Diamonds. This bracelet comes in 2.0ct, 3.0ct and 4.0ct.

Carina 2.0ct
Carina 3.0ct
Carina 4.0ct


Ettore - Round Diamond Bracelet

Inspired by the Italian word for Loyal, our classic bracelet is stunning with these Round brilliant cut Diamonds. The bracelet comes in 2.0ct, 3.0ct, 4.0ct.

Ettore 2.0ct
Ettore 3.0ct
Ettore 4.0ct


Alvera - Princess Cut Diamond Bracelet

Finding its inspiration from the Spanish meaning for Beloved, our Alvera is a contemporary Princess cut Diamond bracelet. This bracelet comes in 4.5ct and 6.5ct.

Alvera - 4.5ct
Alvera - 6.5ct



For enquiries about our collection of Diamond Bracelets please contact us, or arrange an appointment with one of our expert advisers.