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Platinum 950

Platinum 950

Platinum is a word often used to represent the ultimate in luxury, exclusivity and success.

Assay Assured Jewellery RetailerThere are platinum credit cards, platinum records for albums that sell over a million copies, and the rarely-seen platinum wedding anniversary that celebrates an amazing 70 years of marriage.

Platinum’s association with finer things in life is no accident. It’s the rarest of all precious metals and one of the world’s scarcest elements. It’s mined only in a few locations around the world - mainly in South Africa - and the yearly production of platinum in 2022 was only 7% of that of gold. Add the fact that over 50% of all platinum mined goes to industrial use and it’s easy to see why platinum jewellery is so highly prized.

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  • Cool white sheen
  • Very durable and hard-wearing
  • Rarest of the precious metals
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • £££ - The most expensive metal


Platinum’s cool white sheen is perfect for accentuating the sparkle and brilliance of diamonds as it doesn't cause any colour to be reflected in the stone. 

Platinum is extremely durable and strong making it ideal for jewellery that’s worn on a daily basis. It’s highly resistant to stress and withstands both extreme heat and extreme cold, which means platinum jewellery will retain its good looks better than any other metal.

Unlike other jewellery metals, platinum is actually deemed to look better with wear. Surface scratches form a patina that’s considered highly desirable, however, the metal can easily be returned to its original polished state by a jeweller if that’s what you prefer.

Platinum is ideal for allergy sufferers as it doesn't contain any nickel.


Scarcity and exclusivity come at a price. Under normal circumstances, expect to pay 25-30% more than for the same setting in gold, but currently, the price is much closer, due to the current worldwide economic situation.

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Here at Quality Diamonds, we luuurve platinum and so do our customers! In fact, over half of our clients choose platinum for their rings, as it's hard-wearing and low maintenance. So despite the slightly higher initial cost, in the long term, it will look good for longer than any other white metal.

We have featured the following collection of platinum diamond jewellery, which are all available to buy online: 

We also have an additional range to choose from, which we can source on request, so feel free to contact us if you can't find what you are looking for.

Of course, we are more than happy to help you design your own bespoke platinum jewellery. Click here to find out more.

Finally, in case you were wondering, we only use platinum 950, as it is the highest quality available... and you deserve the best :-)

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