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Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher Cut Diamonds

The epitome of sophistication, an Asscher cut diamond bestows its wearer with an air of cool yet casual style.

Asscher Cut Diamond Top View

Asscher Cut Diamond (Top View)

Asscher Cut Diamond Side View

Asscher Cut Diamond (Side View)

Outline Square, with clipped corners - looks almost octagonal
Cutting Style Step Cut
Description Vintage chic at the cutting edge of fashion
No. of Facets 57
Ideal L/W Ratio 1.0 - 1.05


Unlike the brilliant cuts, an Asscher diamond doesn't feel the need to sparkle and shout - its look is effortlessly tailored. Asscher cut diamonds are currently experiencing a surge in popularity amongst those in the know. If you were to invite all the diamond shapes to a party, the Asscher would be the one to arrive fashionably late.

Essentially an Emerald Cut in square form, the Asscher Cut has the same Art Deco influences but with more pronounced triangular patterns which give the shape a stronger geometric look and work to draw the eye into the diamond. Its facets are bright and expansive due to the stepped cutting style.

We Say

Because the Asscher is step cut, any inclusion or hint of colour will be magnified through its broad facets so choose high colour and clarity grades and a Good to Excellent polish.


Also known as the ‘square emerald cut’, the Asscher is a step cut diamond which means it has rectilinear facets which run parallel to the girdle. The corners are markedly clipped to prevent chipping, giving the stone an almost octagonal appearance. 

Asscher cut diamonds typically have 57 facets: 25 on the crown, 8 on the girdle, and 24 making up the pavilion.

Asscher Cut Diamond Top View

Asscher Cut Diamond (Top View)

Asscher Cut Diamond Side View

Asscher Cut Diamond (Side View)

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Currently, there aren’t any universally accepted standards for grading the cut of Asscher cut diamonds so certifying laboratories don’t do it. Instead, it’s down to individual retailers to evaluate the quality of the cut for this shapes. 

We've developed our own criteria to provide consistent cut grading for all the Asscher Cut diamonds we offer. These take into account factors such as table and depth percentage, polish and symmetry, and length to width ratio.

Refer to the table below to see how we grade Asscher Cut diamonds.

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Table % 60%-65% 59%-70% 56%-75% 53%-79% <53% or >79%
Depth % 58%-65% 55%-70% 52%-75% 50%-80% <50% or >80%
Polish / Symmetry Good to Excellent Fair to Excellent Poor to Excellent
Ratio (L/W) 1-1.05 0.98-1.06 0.97-1.07 0.96-1.08 <0.95 or >1.09


The Asscher cut was developed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher of the Asscher Diamond Company, Amsterdam. The design was instantly met with international acclaim and patented by the company so that it could be imitated. 

Until recently, the Asscher shape wasn't well known to the buying public and had an ‘exclusive’ status - as it wasn't generally available in stores. The design is no longer patented.


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The Asscher’s vintage tailoring should appeal to anyone with an eye for design and those who like strong, statement pieces that are simple and elegant. 

The Asscher is extremely flattering for most hand types as its clipped corners take away some of the ‘squareishness’ that might otherwise make short fingers look blocky.

Length to Width Ratio

There’s only one way to wear an Asscher, and that’s perfectly square. Look for stones with a length to width ratio of between 1.00 and 1.05 and accept no compromises. 


The Asscher is a square shape but it’s not a square. To make the most of this style look for a setting that won’t mask the clipped corners, otherwise you might just look like you’ve got a squashed Emerald Cut.

This shape makes a striking statement on its own in solitaire settings. If you must adorn it, flank it with baguette side stones or surround it with micro-pavé diamonds for a more glittering look.

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