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Cut Grade

Cut Grade

Cut refers to how well a rough diamond has been transformed into a gem. It covers the proportions of the stone, the precise measurements of each facet, and other factors such as polish and symmetry.

  • Cut refers to the quality and precision of the cuts used to create a diamond’s facets
  • It measures how well a diamond reflects light and generates sparkle
  • Cut has the biggest impact on a diamond’s beauty

 The quality of the cut makes the difference between a diamond that’s simply nice and one that’s breathtaking. That’s because cut directly affects how well a diamond handles light.

Well cut diamonds allow light to both enter AND exit through the top part of the stone. It’s this constant movement of light in and out of the diamond that makes it sparkle. Cut a diamond too deep or too shallow and some of that sparkle is lost through the base.

The Cut

Diamond Cut Grade Comparison


Every round brilliant diamond we sell is graded for cut on the following scale:
EXCELLENT The best cut, designed to reflect the maximum amount of light for optimum fire and brilliance.
VERY GOOD Barely distinguishable from an excellent cut to the naked eye but at a lower price.
GOOD Cut to maximize both size and brilliance. Go for this if you want the best of both worlds.
FAIR Cut to maximize carat weight while maintaining some sparkle.
POOR This cut is all about carat weight with no consideration for sparkle. No one wants a poorly cut diamond and we don’t sell them.



Fancy diamond shape refers to any diamond that isn’t round. Currently, there aren't any universally accepted standards for grading the cut of non-round diamonds so certifying laboratories don’t do it. Instead, it’s down to individual retailers to evaluate the quality of the cut for these shapes. 

We've developed DiamondScore, which scores all fancy shapes (and rounds), making it easier for you to choose your perfect diamond.

You can find the specific criteria for each shape on the relevant page in the Diamond Shapes section.

We Say

Go for the highest cut grade (or DiamondScore!) you can afford, even if it means shedding a little carat weight – and if you want the ultimate sparkler, accept nothing less than Excellent.

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