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Joel and Julia

Joel and Julia

Life begins at the end of one's comfort zone.

A lot of secret planning a preparation went in to Joel's surprise proposal.

When he came to us, Joel knew he was looking for a 1ct Oval diamond and he knew his budget.  Our website is backed by one of the largest diamond databases in the world, without narrowing the parameters, we can have up to 1000 Oval diamonds around the 1ct mark ranging in price between £2400 and £14,000.  When Joel came to visit us, we helped him narrow down the selection to help him find the best diamond available for his budget.

The Proposal was equally well planned.

Joel surprised Julia 2000ft above Potsdam in Berlin in a romantic birthday hot air ballooon ride.

Though they had previously discussed getting married, it was a complete surprise for Julia. Joel started laying his plans in advance. To cover up measuring her finger, he bought her a cocktail ring. The balloon trip was also disguised as a birthday present. and although it took a while to calm down they were eventually able to relax and enjoy being up in the air.

Joel explained...

"After taking in the views for a bit, I got down on one knee and thankfully she said yes. It was a wonderful day, a bit scary at times, but life begins at the end of one's comfort zone"

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