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Nigel & Joanna

Nigel & Joanna

It's always wonderful to welcome back our returning customers, so when Nigel and Joanna returned to us for wedding rings, were were proud to help.

We first met Nigel in September 2014. He ordered an Excellent Quality Princess cut diamond, that we set it in a gorgeous contemporary princess engagement ring.  Inspired by the Italian word for Hug and Protect. Abbraccio features Four Claws that twist to secure the Princess Cut diamond at compass points. The delicate prongs are positioned to maximise light passing through the diamond and produce the most exquisite sparkle.

When they returned in March 2016, we helped them find their perfect wedding bands. Joanna selected a platinum wedding band partially channel set with princess cut diamonds.

Nigel chose Palladium for his 6mm wedding ring. Palladium is part of the platinum group of metals, but is much less dense. It feels much lighter in the hand than platinum does.