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9 Things You Need to Know About Eternity Rings

9 Things You Need to Know About Eternity Rings

November 29 2023

Below are some facts that you may find interesting about Eternity Rings.

1. Otherwise known as an Infinity Band - due to being a symbol of never-ending love.

2. They are most commonly worn on the same finger as your wedding and engagement ring: the Egyptians believed a blood vessel ran from this finger directly to the heart, referred to as the ‘vein of love’.

3. Eternity rings are usually given as a Wedding Anniversary gift - from a one-year anniversary to ten years.

4. The concept of an eternity ring dates back nearly 4000 years to around 2000BC. Where Ancient Egyptians would give these from husband to wife as a token of their love. They often carved eternity rings out of bones, metal and beads.

5. Diamond eternity rings are made by highly skilled Jewellers, as they’re quite intricate designs. Usually, they’re created by teams where each person focuses on specific parts of the ring (which they specialise in) to ensure the measurements for each diamond are perfect.

6. Due to many styles being complex, they are quite difficult to resize. For example, a full-coverage eternity ring cannot be resized, as there is no bare metal to add or remove. This can be done by Quality Diamonds, on request.

7. Eternity rings come in all shapes and sizes, commonly with diamonds set into the band. There are multiple diamond coverage options; the most common being full and half (although one-third, one-quarter and three-quarters diamond coverage are also available).

8. Diamonds aren’t the only option to set in eternity rings - you can set any type of gemstone into an eternity band, or have none at all!

9. Bespoke eternity rings are a lot more common than you may think: designing your own band makes it more unique to you or your partner.


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