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The Perfect Evening Accessory

The Perfect Evening Accessory

March 30 2023

When choosing your evening attire, do you ever feel like something is missing? Like you need to add a bit of bling? Why don’t you try a diamond pendant, or maybe a necklace? Below are some tips and tricks, as well as some examples of our jewellery that you can try.

A diamond necklace can make or break an outfit. Truly, not all outfits need one: but when they do, this accessory will make you feel ten times more confident! 

First of all, you need to think if your evening attire really needs a necklace. If so, you need to figure out what type. Is your outfit busy? A simple diamond pendant against bold patterns or animal prints go hand in hand: this can even include heavily knitted materials. Big necklaces with this type of clothing can seriously clash, though occasionally you can get away with it.

Alternatively, a more basic or less in-your-face outfit would look stunning with a bigger pendant or diamond tennis bracelet - completely accentuating your best features.

Another important factor is the colours you’re wearing and your skin tone, complementing these with the jewellery you’re wearing gives stunning results. Metals like Platinum and White Gold illuminate most natural skin tones: they especially work well on cooler tones, along with gems that are colours like purple, blue and red. Yellow Gold works beautifully with darker and more tanned skin: this metal colour also compliments warmer skin tones, as well as gems that are yellow, orange and green.

Cool necklaces and warm-coloured clothing enhance each other, just as warm necklaces with cool colours. For example - Rubies, Canary Diamonds and Amber gems go great with black and white. Just as deep green and dark blue gems definitely pop against a lighter colour like yellow or orange.

Black, white and gold and definitely a popular combination. For example, a black cocktail dress with a delicate yellow gold chain and a white diamond pendant. 

Most important of all, experiment when it comes to what clothes and necklaces you have, mix and match! And if you realise you need something new and sparkly, take a look at our collection of pendants and necklaces.


Marquise Ettore Diamond Pendant in Platinum

This would be lovely as a small pendant that could be used to layer with a larger pendant: a Pear Cut Ettore would be a pretty alternative if you prefer that shape. This would also look lovely paired with a sweetheart neckline, and this can even be worn with a bold and busy outfit.


Round Brilliant Bijou Drop Halo Diamond Pendant in 18K White Gold

Halo pendants retain a larger centre stone surrounded by smaller accent diamonds: creating the effect of a larger pendant, as well as being super sparkly. This could be worn layered with other pendants of a similar metal like the one above or even on a short chain, where it lands between your collar bones.


Round Brilliant Bellezza Diamond Pendant in 18K Yellow Gold

Solitaire pendants can be worn in many different ways. This Round pendant attached to a longer chain, worn with a lower neckline - like a deep V - is simplistic yet alluring. Another pretty and delicate way to wear this is with a shorter chain so that the gem is sitting between your collarbones.


Princess Bijou Halo Diamond Pendant in 18K Yellow Gold

This Princess Halo pendant is stunning and stylish. It could be worn with a short chain over the top of a black high-neck top, as the gold would stand out beautifully - pendants over plain tops have been quite stylish recently.


6ct Ettore Diamond Tennis Necklace in 18K White Gold

Our Tennis necklace can be made shorter to act as a choker and layered with longer pendants. This would also look stunning over a turtleneck - again, black is our go-to.


8ct Ettore Graduated Diamond Tennis Necklace in 18K White Gold

Our Graduated Tennis Necklace is luxurious, to say the least! Shortened, this would be perfect to add to your layered necklaces: as well as over anything from a lower neckline to a crew neck.


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