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Choosing a Diamond Ring for Valentines

Choosing a Diamond Ring for Valentines

January 07 2023

Congratulations! You've found "The One" and you've decided Valentines' day is the perfect day for your proposal! Our special tool DiamondScore has been created to help you find perfect diamond for your Valentine proposal.

If you read our previous blog, you will by now have identified exactly which ring style is perfect for your Valentine. In many ways, that was the easy bit! Now it's time to find the perfect diamond. For many people, an engagement ring is the first diamond they will ever buy.  If you don't yet know your Asscher from your elbow, your first port of call should be our Diamond Knowledge section. Here you can explore different shapes and get to know why Clarity, Cut and Colour can change a lump of coal into a sparkling beauty.

Once you've identified the diamond shape you love, it's time to find that one perfect diamond that will set your valentine's heart pumping. And this is where it gets really tricky. With one of the largest diamond databases in the world, we have over 300,000 natural and lab-grown diamonds available to choose from! But, don't despair! We are more than just fabulous Diamond Experts, we have a team of incredibly talented "Techs", and these technical geniuses have devised a tool whose sole purpose is to take the power away from high street jewellers with high overheads and high-profit margins, and put that power back in your hands.  DiamondScore utilises a powerful algorithm that analyses 12 different attributes (most jewellers focus on just the 4Cs) and gives the diamond an easy-to-see score out of 10! But our diamond database is too huge, how exactly do you get the very best value for money?

This is the challenge we issued to our "Techies".  They created a way for you to quickly see – at a glance – the best we have to offer! Or the biggest – if that’s what you’re after? Or the cheapest? Isn’t that what you’d expect us to show you if you walked into our showroom looking for your perfect Valentine's engagement ring?

For example, let's say you want a nice heart-shaped diamond for your engagement ring (well it is Valentine's day but the principles apply to all diamond shapes on our site), and you know your budget is between £2500 to £3500. A quick search of our site will return over 1500 heart-shaped diamonds. But we feature 4 top choices.

We’re not only showing you every Heart Shaped diamond that matches your Valentine's search – but also the ones you’re most likely to want. 

Let’s take a closer look:

The ‘Lowest Price’ and ‘Biggest’ diamonds are exactly what you might expect them to be – as long as you bear in mind that ‘Biggest’ refers to actual dimensions, not carat weight.

The ‘Highest Quality’ diamond is also self-explanatory. It may not be the biggest; it almost certainly isn’t the cheapest. But it is the most beautiful, sparkling, breathtaking diamond that matches your search. (For this reason, it will have the highest DiamondScore.)

You could stop there, but we’d recommend you didn’t. Because even the ‘Highest Quality’ diamond isn’t always the diamond we’d encourage to you buy. We want you to get the best value – the biggest, most beautiful diamond at the lowest price - and that is often a lot harder to spot in the crowd.

This brings us to the rule-breaking ‘Recommended’ diamond.

Heart Shaped Diamond Recommendation

You might notice that this diamond doesn’t completely match your search criteria. Perhaps it’s a little bigger than you were looking for. Or maybe it’s just a fraction outside your price range. Forgive these minor transgressions – it’s truly worth it.

What the ‘Recommended’ diamond does is give you a wildcard. Imagine it’s a helpful assistant suggesting, “If you drop the clarity grade slightly, you can get a much bigger diamond that will still look as stunning” – or “If you’re prepared to spend a little bit extra, you can get a higher quality diamond that’s also bigger at a lower price per carat”.

In a nutshell, the ‘Recommended’ diamond is not the biggest, the best quality, or the lowest price. Instead, it’s the ideal combination of all three. It gives you a diamond to consider that you may never have found on your own.

What’s your diamond search style?

Of course, if you like the idea of evaluating each and every one of your 1500+ search results – or you just want to have a browse – you’re quite welcome to. In this case, having these four recommended diamonds for comparison will help. You can easily see the two search views, or you can add any diamond to your Wishlist to ponder at a later date.


If you are shopping online for a very special Valentine's diamond ring, we recommend that you begin with the diamond engagement ring setting here, then add your perfect diamond.

If you'd like to design a bespoke Valentine's engagement ring, click here.

Alternatively, feel free to contact us or make an appointment at one of our showrooms in London, Birmingham or Milton Keynes.

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