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Can You Buy a Beautiful Quality One Carat Diamond Engagement Ring for Under £1000?

In an age where every penny counts, you'd think it was impossible to buy a beautiful quality 1ct diamond ring for under £1000... read on, we'll tell you how :-)


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How to Buy an Engagement Ring on a Budget in 5 Simple Steps

It’s not always possible to spend thousands on a diamond ring. But it is possible to get a beautiful, low-cost engagement ring without going into debt or selling your grandma. You just have to know where you can cut corners - and where you shouldn't.


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How to Save almost 50 percent on a Gorgeous Diamond Engagement Ring

Here is a stunning diamond ring. Nice, isn't it? In this article, I'm going to show you how you can get this ring for half it’s normal price.


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Rose Gold Halo Rings

If you’re someone who loves the Vintage aura of this cherished metal, then a Vintage style ring is definitely going to be the perfect match, and Rose Gold Halo rings are a stunning choice.


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What Does 'Tiffany Style' Mean?

It's the most popular engagement ring style in the world. It's worshipped for its stunning simplicity and breathtaking sparkle. It's the favourite choice of celebrity couples and 'normal' people alike.


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The not so Humble Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings, featuring large central stones have moved in and out of fashion influenced by the trends of the super-rich and aristocracy. But one ring has influenced this trend twice, a single iconic ring, given to two iconic British women.


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Heart Shaped Engagement Rings for Valentines day

With Valentines' day just around the corner, here is our guide to the Heart Diamond Engagement Rings in the Quality Diamonds Collection...


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Choosing a Diamond Ring for Valentines

Congratulations! You've found "The One" and you've decided Valentines' day is the perfect day for your proposal! Our special tool DiamondScore has been created to help you find perfect diamond for your Valentine proposal.


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The Perfect Engagement Ring for a Valentines' Day Proposal

So it's time! You're in Love! Your girlfriend is the most beautiful, funny, caring woman you will ever meet, and you're ready to shout out to the world that you've chosen your life partner, and best yet; the most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. Here's our guide to finding the perfect engagement ring for a valentines' day proposal.


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Heart cut Diamonds, perfect for a Valentine proposal

Learn all about Heart Shaped Diamonds, and see four of our stunning Heart Cut Engagement Rings!


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