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DiamondScore, your own personal Diamond Expert

DiamondScore, your own personal Diamond Expert

December 15 2022

When you first embark on a quest to buy your first diamond, you may start with the assumption that “one diamond is as good as the next”, but the truth is not all diamonds are created equal.

As you become more familiar with diamonds it becomes easy to see the difference between a diamond worth £1000 and one worth £5000 ~ and size is not everything!

All our diamonds have been independently graded and certified by one of the four main Gemological Laboratories in our industry. These Labs examine the diamond and grade it to their own internal standards based on 4 key criteria commonly known as the Four C's. As most people don't have £50,000 to spend on a diamond, taking the time to understand the Four C's can really help you weigh up your preferences and maximise your budget. 

Cut Grade

A well-cut diamond has more fire, brilliance and scintillation.


Colourless or near-colourless diamonds appear brighter and clearer.


Higher clarity grades have fewer imperfections.

Carat Weight

Indicates the weight of a diamond and gives an idea of size.

But did you know that these four variables can combine in 16,000 different ways? This is why we have developed DiamondScore.

DiamondScore is a tool that evaluates each diamond by the Four C’s AND assesses and weighs 12 specific and unique characteristics to produce a numerical representation of a diamond’s quality. 

  • The gemological laboratory that certified the diamond
  • Table Percentage
  • Depth percentage
  • Polish
  • Symmetry
  • Fluorescence
  • Girdle
  • Length-to-width ratio

Please visit our Diamond Knowledge if you would like to understand the science behind DiamondScore.

What's the best way to use DiamondScore?

Search our online database for diamonds by your desired shape, carat weight and budget. If you order the results by DiamondScore, the first on the list is the best quality diamond for your budget. Ideally, you will find a diamond with a DiamondScore of 8 or higher (8.5 is desirable and anything over 9 is simply divine).

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