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Gemstones that give us Christmas Vibes

Gemstones that give us Christmas Vibes

It’s crazy to even think that Christmas is right around the corner, to get you in the spirit below are gemstones that give us the Christmas feeling - and you never know, you might just fall in love with them


Diamonds are perfect all year round but the reasons they give us Christmas Vibes is purely based on the sparkles! Not only that but you can get Fancy Diamonds which can come in the colours Red, Green and Blue - such a versatile gemstone.

Blue Sapphire

There’s something about the rich blue of a sapphire that gives us that festive feel. It’s a very desirable gemstone due to its excellent colour, hardness, durability and luster: making it precious and quite valuable.

We currently have a Blue Sapphire Halo Ring and a Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring available on our Etsy Shop.


The classic Red Ruby will never fail to give us total festive feels. This symbolic stone represents purity, nobility and passion making it a perfect gift for a loved one.


You knew it was coming, Emerald stones are the epitome of Christmas feels. The green, the sparkle just everything this about them!!! A gem much rarer than diamonds and therefore more valuable. 

We currently have an Emerald Ring available on our Etsy, click here to view it

Red Garnet 

Deep reds and sparkles are what this holiday is all about, which is why Red Garnets are the perfect match: they represent love and are absolutely stunning.

Find our Garnet ring on our Etsy Shop, here


A gemstone with a subtle festive feel, something a bit different. Jade stones protect and support loving heart energy as well as symbolising gentleness. 

Star Sapphires

Star Sapphires aren’t your classic gemstone and are quite unheard of when it comes to general knowledge. Most commonly blue, this stone exhibits a special optical phenomenon called Asterism: where tiny needles of silk within the crystal reflect light and form a star. If the stars within these gems don’t remind you of your tree topper I don’t know what will! 

If you did in fact fall in love with any of these stones, why not treat yourself to jewellery with it in? We can source any gemstone for you to have in your preferred jewellery. Now if you don’t feel festive, go put up your tree! It’s never too early...

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