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Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

Quality Diamonds is a leading UK online retailer of classic, contemporary, halo, art deco and vintage diamond rings, all custom set in a range of gold, platinum and palladium rings.

From striking bold designs, to delicate intricate details, diamonds have been gracing our fingers for generations. They are the perfect choice for an Engagement ring or a statement piece of jewellery; as a Diamonds elegance and beauty is everlasting.

When it comes to shopping for a Diamond ring, there are a number of designs and styles to choose from.

Classic Diamond Rings

When you think of a Diamond ring, most people will imagine the Classic look of a Solitaire. A beautiful band with a stunning Diamond set proudly on it’s own, showcasing all the sparkle and desire a Diamond represents. We have a vast selection of designs in our Classic range, with a range of various metals and Diamond shapes.

Beau in Platinum

Our Beau ring is an emblem of the Classic Solitaire, featuring 4 claws holding an elegant Round Brilliant Diamond.

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Contemporary Diamond Rings

A Contemporary Diamond ring takes its inspiration from the traditional Classic solitaire, blended with the features of a modern style. If you love the idea of the Classic Diamond ring, but dream of something a little more unique and current, then a Contemporary design is the way to go.

We have a great selection of Contemporary Diamond rings, all available in varying metals and Diamond shapes.

Aurelia Pear Cut in Platinum

Our Aurelia ring shows a Contemporary design on a Pear Solitaire. The split band sweeps elegantly into 3 secure claws around the Diamond, creating a simplistic yet dramatic effect.

To see our full collection of Contemporary Diamond rings, follow the link below.

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Vintage Diamond Rings

Vintage Diamond rings are a gorgeous alternative to a Classic or Contemporary design. With the fashions and elegance of times gone by becoming ever more popular in today's world, a Vintage style Diamond ring is a beautiful statement. We have a range of Vintage style Diamond rings in our collection, all just as dazzling and brilliant as you’d imagine.

Blue Sapphire Hermosa in 18K White Gold

Our Hermosa ring is delicately set with Blue Sapphires, wrapping themselves with the band around the central Round Brilliant Diamond. Adding a bold sparkle and vibrant colour, gives this design a timeless Vintage feel.

To see our full collection of Vintage Diamond rings, follow the link below.

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Art Deco Diamond Rings

Art Deco Diamond rings bring a stylized sophistication to a Vintage or Classic design. With dramatic shapes and extravagant features, they are a popular alternative for someone who wants an eye catching piece.

We have a selection of Art Deco style Diamond rings, varying in Diamond shapes and metals.

Asscher Diamond Rosa in Platinum

Our Asscher Rosa ring presents an Asscher cut Diamond in a solitaire design. This setting raises the Diamond in such a way that the tapered shoulders enhance the size of the Diamond, therefore creating a stunning and dramatic Diamond ring.

To see our full collection of Art Deco Diamond rings, follow the link below.

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Halo Diamond Rings

A Halo Diamond ring brings a modern twist on the classic Solitaire. With a central diamond being the focus point of this design, a Halo of diamonds are angelically set to illuminate and frame your Diamond.

We have a selection of Halo Diamond rings to choose from, with a variety of metals and Diamond shapes.

Diamond Set Dolce Diamond Ring in Platinum

Our Dolce ring holds a central Round Brilliant Diamond in a four claw setting, with Round Brilliant Diamonds Halo set to emphasise the sparkle. 

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For enquiries on our collection of Diamond rings please contact us, or arrange an appointment with one of our expert advisers.