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Making a bespoke diamond ring for Rob and Lucy

Making a bespoke diamond ring for Rob and Lucy

July 24 2023

In the past few years, we at Quality Diamonds have been expanding our “Bespoke” jewellery service and have had the opportunity to work with some very lovely people to create some incredibly beautiful pieces.

The process of creating your perfect piece is very simple and because we always work to your budget it doesn't have to be the reserve of the super-rich!

When Rob and his partner Lucy came to us they had something very special in mind. Working closely with our Hatton Garden team they were able to design a spectacular Oval Diamond Engagement Ring.

Step 1 - Source the perfect diamond

With one of the largest online diamond databases in the Industry, our system contains over 350,000 diamonds of all shapes, sizes and qualities. Using our unique DiamondScore feature, Rob and Lucy were able to play with the diamond attributes to find their perfect diamond

Eventually, they selected a GIA Certified Oval 1ct, D, VS1 diamond. Stunning!

Step 2 - CAD Render

Working closely with our design department, using specialist 3D software, Rob and Lucy were able to perfect the exact proportions of their ring.

Step 3 - 3D printed wax model

When they were entirely happy with their initial design. A 3D printer was used to create a solid wax model. Lucy was able to feel the ring on her hand, test the proportions and make sure there were no further changes she needed to make.

Step 4 - Hand Making the ring

This is the only stage in the whole process that Rob and Lucy were not able to play a “hands-on” role. Our skilled Master craftsmen hand-set the central diamond and 8 additional diamonds into the shoulders of the ring. They then carefully polished the ring to create a stunning vision of sparkle!


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