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Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Rose Gold, sometimes referred to as pink or red gold (depending on the shade's intensity), is a warm mix between traditional yellow gold alloyed with copper.

Assay Assured Jewellery RetailerRose Gold has experienced popularity spikes through out modern history. First seen in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century and then again becoming fashionable during the Mid-Victorian era. But it is probably most associated with the late 1920s after French Jeweller Cartier released a signature piece of jewellery call the Trinity Band. This ring was made up of three entwined smaller bands: one Rose, one White and one Yellow Gold. Rose Gold has seen a more recent resurgence as fashion and celebrity culture embrace the lovely warm tones. 

The purity of gold is measured in karatage, with 24 karats signalling 100% pure gold. Although 24 karat gold is a popular jewellery metal in other parts of the world, in Europe and the West it’s considered too soft. Instead, we use gold alloys, meaning gold that has been strengthened with other metals such as silver, copper, nickel and zinc. The warm rose tones of Rose Gold are created by adding copper to pure gold.

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  • Warm rich colour
  • Dense and malleable
  • Doesn't rust, tarnish or corrode
  • Traditional for wedding rings
  • ££ - About 30% less expensive than platinum


Gold doesn't rust, tarnish or corrode, and it won’t lose its colour over time. It’s prized for its lasting beauty that improves with age.

Gold is much more malleable than platinum, so it’s easier to work into fine, intricate designs.

Gold jewellery is always a worthy investment and the price of gold is more stable in times of economic depression than that of platinum.


Gold jewellery can become scratched, especially when worn on a daily basis.

Because nickel may be present in the gold alloy, gold may not be suitable for metal allergy sufferers.

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