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Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

Giving you the chance to purchase a beautiful Lab Grown Diamond.

Here at Quality Diamonds, we are pleased to be able to offer both Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds to our customers, giving you the option of choosing which diamond is perfect for you.

Lab-Grown diamonds are available on our website and are available loose and as central stones for all rings, earrings and pendants.

For those of you who want to know more about man-made Diamonds, below we've answered some questions that will give you an insight into what Lab Grown Diamonds are.

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Shop for lab-grown diamonds

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are created in a highly controlled laboratory environment that uses an advanced technological process, to duplicate the conditions in which diamonds naturally develop beneath the Earth. They can also be known as Engineered, lab-created, Man-made, or Cultured Diamonds; though they are sometimes referred to as ‘synthetic’ diamonds, this term may be a big reason why people think Lab-Grown Diamonds are fake.

These Diamonds are made of carbon atoms arranged in a characteristic diamond crystal structure. The lab-grown diamonds are made of the same material and have the same chemical properties and optical display... They are essentially as real as a natural diamond, made in a laboratory.

How are they made?

Lab-grown diamonds are made from carbon seeds of natural diamonds. The diamonds are formed within a lab, using a process that mimics the method by which natural diamonds are formed. This is through extreme pressure and heat, or a special deposition process.

Can you tell the difference?

As these Lab Grown Diamonds are created in a way that portrays their natural formation, it is virtually impossible to distinguish Natural from Lab Grown. The only way is through specialised lab equipment, that can detect any minor difference in the crystal growth of the diamond.

What are the benefits of a Lab Grown Diamond?

  • Lab-grown diamonds offer incredible value, as they are more affordable than their natural diamond counterpart when comparing size and quality. Like for like they are much less expensive than mined diamonds: skipping the mining process results in a shorter supply chain, in simple terms, it touches ‘fewer hands’ making them ultimately less expensive.
  • As they are made in a laboratory, they are ethically grown and produced sustainably, reducing the environmental impact.
  • Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical appearance and are chemically and optically the same as natural diamonds.

Does that mean the Natural Diamonds you sell are not ethical?

No. The natural diamonds we supply are all ethically sourced and have been passed through the Kimberley Process, to ensure their authenticity.

The mining of natural diamonds has helped benefit and improve the living conditions of many countries. See more about our conflict-free Diamonds here.

Do they still come with a Certificate?

Yes. Lab-created diamonds are still certified by the leading gemological laboratories. The Lab-Grown diamonds we supply are certified by IGI and GIA and state on the certificate that they are Lab-Grown. See below an example of a Lab-Grown report.


How are Lab-Grown Diamonds Certified and Graded?

Lab-grown diamonds are graded the way natural diamonds are: they are sent to a gem lab, like GIA and IGI, where they grade using the 4Cs. Each diamond is graded individually by multiple gemologists at the lab, these grades are then compiled and analysed to determine their final grade report. This method creates unbiased results.


Is a Lab-Grown Diamond the same as a simulant?

No. A diamond simulant, such as cubic zirconia, has been man-made to look similar to diamonds but is not made from carbon crystals. The chemical and physical properties are not the same and are therefore available at a much lower price point. Simulants are easily distinguishable by the eye.


So should I choose a Lab-Grown Diamond or a Natural Diamond?

This part is up to you and often comes down to personal preference.

Whilst lab-grown diamonds have added benefits with no physical difference, the beauty and story of a diamond formed millions of years ago beneath the earth's surface, still holds its impressive history.

Shop for lab-grown diamond engagement rings

Shop for lab-grown diamonds

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