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Our Wedding Jewellery Guide this Autumn

Our Wedding Jewellery Guide this Autumn

September 01 2021

If you’re planning an Autumn wedding, then you’ll want to read our guide on what wedding jewellery to wear!

As the days fall shorter and the nights grow longer, the Summer sun we’d just started getting used to starts to disappear from view. The leaves begin their tumble into the hues of oranges and yellows, as the 3rd season of the year finally hits the UK.
Autumn. It’s time to wrap up a little warmer, and sit back and enjoy the sea of rustic colours flourishing the fields and skies. And what better way to spend Autumn, than with an Autumnal Wedding!

With the glorious hues and colours of the Autumn rush, the warming feel of an Autumn Wedding is a beautiful way to celebrate. Choices between oranges, yellows, browns, navy blues, red and magenta tones, there’s sure to be a colour scheme to suit everyone.

When it comes to planning your Wedding, we all know that things can become a little stressful. With the overwhelming pile of things to arrange, sometimes the enjoyable decisions can be swamped by the necessities.
Your wedding jewellery makes a gorgeous statement on the day of your wedding, whether you go for something bold and daring, or simple and stylish; choosing your wedding jewellery is a fun shopping trip to take your mind away from the workload of planning!

In this blog, we’ve brought together our Wedding Jewellery Guide for the blushing bride this Autumn!

The Simple and Sophisticated Bride

A solitaire engagement ring, and the subtle understated elegance of the fashionable classic look; if you’ve opted for the stunning simplicity of the graceful bride, then here are some gorgeous pieces we think will work perfectly.
For this look, we’ve chosen the Round Brilliant Diamond.


Diamond Earrings

18K White Gold, Four Claw Double Gallery Setting.

This classic look is a perfect choice for an effective and effortless sparkle. With an open double gallery setting, this design allows optimum light to reach the diamond, causing an array of sparkle and brilliance.


Diamond Pendant

18K White Gold Round Brilliant Diamond Ettore Pendant.

The matching Pendant to our Diamond Earrings, this open 4 claw setting holds the Diamond on the sides in the same setting design. Therefore creating a subtle understated look.

Diamond Bracelet

Ettore Round Brilliant Diamond Bracelet

Available in different carats, this stunning bracelet exudes elegance and style. In the classic ‘Tennis Bracelet’ design, the continuous row of diamonds is sure to be a sparkling eye-catcher.

Pair these pieces together and create a breathtaking delicate look that everyone is bound to fall in love with.

Pendant and Earring designs are also available in other Diamond Shapes, visit our Diamond Jewellery page for more Inspiration.

Diamond Earrings    Diamond Pendants


The Bold and Brilliant Bride

A fantastically shimmering engagement ring, and the striking look of an outstanding bride; if you’ve opted for the glamorous stylings of an embellished design, then you’ll want to take note of our sparkling pieces that we think will match perfectly.

For this look, we’ve chosen the Marquise cut diamond.

Diamond Earrings

18K White Gold Bijou, Marquise Cut Diamond Earrings

Dramatic and eye-catching, the round brilliant halo design of these earrings complements the edgy style of the marquise diamond.


18K White Gold Bijou, Marquise Cut Diamond Pendant

Perfect with any open neckline gown, this gorgeous pendant will fall exquisitely in place. With a slight drop in its design, this matching pendant will emit flashes of sparkle and fire, making it the perfect accessory to showcase true beauty.


Diamond Bangle

Amore Round Brilliant Diamond Bangle

Available in both 1.0ct and 1.5ct, this Diamond Bangle had Round Brilliant Diamonds in a channel setting. Encasing the top half of the bangle, these Diamonds will sparkle beautifully, whilst the bangle moves freely for a glistening floating feel.

Pair these pieces together and create that glittering outstanding look people will remember forever.

Pendant and Earring designs are also available in other Diamond Shapes, visit our Diamond Jewellery pages for more Inspiration.

Diamond Earrings    Diamond Pendants


Our Matching Autumn Pick

In keeping with the blush tones and remarkable colours of the Autumn season, why not wear Rose Gold Diamond Jewellery, for a vibrant contrast that will blend beautifully with the time of year.

Earrings and Pendant

18K Rose Gold Diamond Bijou Drop Earrings

A gorgeous alternative to classic round stud earrings, these drop halo set diamond earrings will fall beautifully at your side. And of course, you need the matching pendant to those beautiful Earrings!

If your rings were purchased from us, we promise you’re sure to find matching or similar styles perfectly suited in our jewellery collections. But if there is something else you’re dreaming of, that you just can’t seem to find, then speak with our Sales team and design your very own Bespoke Jewellery, exactly to your wishes.


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