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The Perfect Jewellery to Complete your Outfits this Winter

The Perfect Jewellery to Complete your Outfits this Winter

November 17 2021

This Winter is definitely a different one but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of detail to your outfits! Below are some Jewellery ideas to complete your look this season.

Diamond Earrings

Chunky earrings are a must-have all year round but during the Winter, they are your best friend! They stand out when you’re earring thick coats and cosy jumpers in the cold weather. 

Examples such as hoops and studs that are on the larger side - halo earrings are perfect! Pearls are quite popular this time of year due to their pearlescent finish. If you’re not wearing a scarf, drop or dangle earrings are a fun way to add something extra to an outfit: especially if you’re wearing a plain turtleneck! On the other hand, smaller earrings are perfect for when you’re wearing a hat or scarf as they’re less likely to get caught up. 

Diamond Rings

Silver is the go-to metal colour during Winter, we’re out of that golden phase from Autumn and the cooler tones are in - more so when it comes to accessories. Metals such as Platinum, Palladium and 18K White Gold are definitely popular.

Bigger gemstones and halo settings are perfect so again opt for chunky rings and experiment with some colour. You’re likely to wear more muted colours during this season so play around with different gemstones, the options are endless.

Diamond Necklaces

Snake Chains are a staple for layering, especially paired with a pendant, and perfect to wear simply on their own. They are sleek and can be worn with pretty much anything! Tennis necklaces are perfect alone but they look absolutely stunning layered over a basic turtleneck and sweaters.

Alternatively, you can go for something more dainty like a thin chain with a larger pendant.


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