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What are Acrostic Rings?

What are Acrostic Rings?

July 20 2022

Acrostic Rings are timeless and can be gifted to anyone! Read on to find out what they are.

What are Acrostic Rings?

The definition of Acrostic is; a poem, word puzzle, or other composition in which certain letters in each line form a word or words.

So, an Acrostic Ring is a word puzzle but with gemstones - the first letter of each gemstone is used to spell out a word. Some call it ‘The language of stones’. 

What’s the Meaning of an Acrostic Ring?

An Acrostic Ring can mean anything you want it to and can be given to anyone - it doesn’t have to just be given as a romantic gesture. 

What words can be used in an Acrostic Ring?

Again, the world is literally your oyster here - though it may need to be something short if the receiver has small fingers. 

Whether you have a word or phrase that signifies a private joke, or a personal nickname you have for somebody, or a favourite word, your first pet’s name: we really mean it when we say you can choose anything. 

Or if you want to go down a historic route, you could choose a popular word or phrase from the Victorian Era (some examples are later on in this blog).

What’s the History behind Acrostic Rings?

Acrostic Rings started showing up in the Georgian Period and increased in popularity in the Victorian Era. 

They are believed to have been invented by Jean-Baptiste Mellerio, a favourite Jewellery Designer of Marie Antoinette, from House of Mellerio - starting with the idea of a ring that spelt J ‘adore (meaning ‘I love’ in French). He created this with the following gemstones: Amethyst, Diamond, Opal, Ruby and Emerald. This would later become an increasingly popular combination of Acrostic Rings. 

Though these designs weren’t just used on Rings, they were also quite popularly used on Pendants - more commonly hearts or padlocks with keys.

They soon became hugely fashionable as they were a new exciting linguistics puzzle for those who could afford them. 

Certain words were used more and more frequently with this new ‘trend’ for example: Adore, Regard, Dearest, Amore, Love, Forever and Darling - along with many others.

Our QD Acrostic Alphabet 

Here’s our alphabet of Gemstones - if you need some inspiration.

A.  Agate, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Apatite
B.  Beryl, Bloodstone
C.  Citrine, Chrysoberyl, Chrysoprase, Carnelian 
D.  Diamond, Danburite
E.  Emerald, Epidot
F.  Fluorite, Fire Opal
G.  Garnet, Goldstone
H.  Haematite
I.  Iolite, Iris
J.  Jade, Jadite, Jet
K.  Kunzite, Kyanite
L.  Labradorite, Lapis, Larimar
M.  Malachite, Moonstone, Morganite
N.  Nephrite, Natrolite
O.  Opal, Obsidian, Onyx
P.  Peridot, Pearl, Petalite, Prehnite
Q.  Quartz
R.  Ruby, Rhodochrosite, Rhodolite, Rubelite 
S.  Sapphire, Scapolite, Sinhalite, Spessartite, Sphene, Sunstone
T.  Tanzanite, topaz, Turquoise, Tsavorite
U.  Uvite, Uvarovite 
V.  Vivianite, Variscite 
W.  Wavellite 
X.  Xonotlite
Z.  Zircon, Zultanite


So should you buy an Acrostic Ring as a gift? Yes! It’s a great way to give something extra meaningful.


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